Book Cover Update

Thanks to the help of my readers and a fellow author, I now have a back cover summary that I really like.  I am still open to comments, critiques, and suggestions, so feel free to share them.

In related news, I have also submitted the information needed to get my book cover designed.  Perry already has a few ideas and I can’t wait to see them.  Be on the lookout for the Book Cover reveal in the next couple of weeks.

 In other news, I may not have a blog post the week of July 7-14 due our family taking care of five of our cousins that week.  We will be rather busy.

 Back Cover Summary for “A Mighty Fortress”:

“Oh, God, no! They wouldn’t!”

“What?” Ruth exclaimed.

“Stay back!” Joshua ordered urgently. “Get deeper into the woods and stay down low to the ground.”

Joshua heard her moving quickly, but quietly. In one swift move, he grabbed his rifle and lay flat to the ground.

Joshua and Ruth Brookings, are traveling by stagecoach to finally join their parents in Montana. Attacked by murderous outlaws, they barely escape with their lives and must survive in the barren Wyoming and Montana territories and escape the man who’s hunting them.

Seven years ago, Jed Stuart ran away from home and joined Tom’s gang. Jed is tired of the lawlessness and wants out. The only problem? He is the boss’s right-hand man and will never be able to leave. What’s one more stagecoach robbery?

Can Joshua lean on God’s strength to keep himself and his sister alive until they find a town?   Will Jed be able to face his anger or will they consume him completely? All three are running–the hunter and hunted. What will happen when they meet?


News and A Request

First for the news.  As I mentioned in my very first post, I had been entered into a contest with Injoy Publications, Inc.  The results were announced last week.  I was not the winner.  I am a little disappointed, but not terribly surprised.  At least now I know where I stand and I am moving forward towards self-publishing “A Mighty Fortress”.  That’s where the request comes in.

An author friend of mine ( also makes book covers.  She is running a sale this month where she will make a book cover at a discounted price.  However, in order to take advantage of this, I need to have a back cover summary of my book.  That is where you, the reader, come in.  I have a summary that I think I am happy with, but I am in need of opinions, critiques, suggestions, etc. 

So, what do you think?

Summary: Joshua and Ruth leave Illinois to join their parents in Montana. Along the way, their stagecoach is robbed and they have to escape for their lives…straight into the unsettled Wyoming and Montana territory. One of the outlaws is hot on their trail, determined not to leave any survivors.

Jed Stuart is a troubled young man. He ran away from home when he was fourteen and was immediately drawn into an outlaw group. Seven lawless years pass. Jed is tired of the outlaw life, but knows his boss will not let him go. What’s one more stagecoach robbery, anyway?

Little do these three know that this one event will change the course of each of their lives.


A Writing Update

This week, I have been editing chapters four through six of A Mighty Fortress. I have chapter four almost where I want it to be and chapter five is close. Chapter six still needs more work. I have also started writing the first sequel of the series: Be Thou My Vision. There are new updates about all of my works in progress.

One of the updates I made was a new logline for A Mighty Fortress. What’s a logline? A logline is a one sentence summary of your story. It gives just enough information to peak interest, but without details such as names, places, etc.

Here is my new logline. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Title: A Mighty Fortress

Genre: Western

Logline: After their stagecoach is attacked by outlaws, an adventurous young man and his timid sister flee into unsettled territory and must find their way to town before they are killed by a pursuing gunslinger.

Many thanks for Jordan Smith of for his help with the logline.

As I mentioned above, I have also started working on a sequel. Be Thou My Vision follows the story of Anna Stuart. She is an outspoken spinster. Be Thou My Vision is in first person with Anna as the narrator. I am excited to see how the storyline plays out as I continue writing.

Here is an excerpt from Be Thou My Vision:


Iain paced outside the small cabin.

“Papa?” a small voice next to him spoke up. “When is Mama going to have the baby?”

Iain raked his fingers through his hair. “I donna ken Anna. I just donna ken.”

“It’s been a long time,” Caleb said.

Too long, Iain thought. Would either of them survive? He shuddered at the thought. Of course they would. Aishlinn would not desert him like this.

Iain scowled and began his nervous pacing again.

“Papa?” Anna was speaking again. “How long did it take for Caleb and me to be born?”

“A lot less than this one,” Iain snapped. “Why donna you…”

His sentence was lost into oblivion by a simple outraged cry from a wee babe. Iain stood stock still for mere seconds before he threw the door open and rushed inside.

The doctor walked out of the bedroom, his face grim as he held the small bundle. He glanced up at the father. “It’s a boy.” The doctor’s voice was flat and emotionless. Iain knew something was wrong.

“Aishlinn? How is she?” His voice cracked.

The doctor finally met Iain’s eyes. “There was nothing we could do.”


According to, “courage” is defined thus:

the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.”

Roy Costner IV’s actions at his graduation proved that he has courage. As the Valedictorian for Liberty High School, he was allowed to make a short speech. He wrote his speech, submitted it to the school officials for approval and got it approved.

Then God told him to be courageous. He prayed, talked to his father, and his pastor. His principal had told him that talking about religion was not allowed during his speech. As a courageous Christian, Roy knew what needed to be done.

At the graduation, he approached the podium, ripped up his speech and gave the usual shout-outs to classmates, teachers, coaches, etc. Then he started to recite The Lord’s Prayer.

This simple recitation took courage. Roy had been forbidden to talk about religion, but he did it anyway. Roy refused to be ashamed of his Lord and Savior.

This is a good lesson for all of us. Is there something you have chosen not to say simply because it might offend someone? Your words and mine, should be said with care and with love, but also with courage. Do you not share the gospel because you are afraid of what people will think of you? Because someone might be offended by God’s truth or reject you? Trust in God. He will give you the courage to stand up for what is right.

(Details of Roy’s story came from this site: