Darren’s Choice

Darren strode down the stainless steel hallway. He was late, again. Would he ever learn to leave on time? Probably not. His boss would be livid this time. Not only was he late for his normal work schedule, but the day before, Darren had promised to arrive early today.

Darren muttered insults and reminders to himself as he hurried past steel doors with foreign numbers attached to them. He finally reached a blue metal door and took a deep breath before entering the danger zone.

“You’re late!” boomed the big man.

“Yes, Sir…”

“You said you would be early!”

“I know, Sir, but…”

“What is the problem boy? Can’t you be on time for anything?”

“Sir, if you’d just…”

“I will not tolerate this again! If you are late one more time, I will fire you. You know what that means?”

Darren gulped. “Yes, Sir. I know what that means.”

“Good! Now get to work.” Continue reading