Black Friday Deals!

You don’t have to look any further than these awesome books by awesome self-published authors for gifts to stuff your stockings. From Black Friday through the day after Cyber Monday, fill your shelves with paperbacks!


Faith Blum

        93LQLRJ8 (10% off)

A Mighty Fortress:

Melody Valadez

        DQTR44VX (20% off)

Those Who Trespass:

Marilynn Dawson

        2MU73RQR (10% off) Continue reading


Coming on Friday…

Most, if not all people here in the United States of America know that the Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday.  Black Friday is the day of all days for shoppers everywhere.  But, what’s a girl to do when she:

  1. Doesn’t like crowds.  At all.
  2. Doesn’t like shopping.  (Yes, I know this is a terrible sin for a girl)
  3. Would much prefer to stay at home.

Well, how about this for an answer?  Be involved in two different Black Friday promotions, host a Black Friday Facebook Party, and be a participant in another Black Friday Facebook Party.

So, what are my promos for Friday?  So glad you asked.  First, my signed paperback copies are on sale (Friday only) for $8.99 + $2.25 for shipping.  To find out more go to my website.  Second of all, on Amazon, the Kindle version of my book will be free on Friday and Saturday.

In addition to those deals, I will also be a part of a group of authors offering their paperback books at somewhere around 20% off.  More details on all of these deals will be posted here on Friday.

The two Facebook Events I am part of, can be found here and here.  The first link is an event that involves 32 Christian authors who are all have special deals on some of their books.  I will have a website link on Friday that gives more details about each author and what their deals are.

Do you go shopping on Black Friday?  What is your favorite Black Friday memory (shopping or otherwise)?

A Mighty Fortress has been launched!


It is with great anticipation, a little fear, and much excitement that I come to you today to announce that I am now a published author!   I even ended up ahead of schedule!

I am super excited to announce that I now have a Author Page on Amazon as well as a page for the Paperback and Kindle versions of my book.   On Amazon, the Kindle version is $3.99 and the paperback is $11.99, although, as of the time I am posting this, Amazon has it on sale for $10.51.

To help promote A Mighty Fortress, I am doing a few different things, first of all, I am offering Signed Copies.  If you click the link, follow it to the Books page and click the “Order Your Signed Copy” button.  These would make great Christmas presents! 😉

In addition, to my limited time offer of signed books, I am also hosting a Black Friday Facebook Party.  Prizes will be given out and historical trivia will be asked.  I am very excited.  Feel free to join us on Black Friday from 10-3 CDT.

And last, but not least, I will be doing a blog tour starting on December 2, 2013.  We will start at my blog and each day I will be on another blog with either a book review of A Mighty Fortress, a book review and author interview, or an excerpt and guest post.  My post on December 2nd will have links to each of the blogs and each day, the link will be changed to the more specific post for that day.  It should be fun.  If anybody has something they would like me to write about for a guest post, let me know.  I need a couple more ideas yet.  Is there anything you want to know about the writing process?  Something you want to know about my book?  Anything else you may want to know about?  Just ask and I will see what I can do to answer them in a guest blog post.

In honor of the launch, I will leave you with an excerpt:

He stopped, looking all around him.  Those kids had him confused and baffled.  Where could they have gone?!?  It hardly seemed possible that they would have walked upstream in that cold water for more than a half hour.  His feet were going numb just thinking about it.

Well, there’s nothin’ I can do but head Northwest and see if I can’t come across their trail somewhere else.  They already have at least a half day’s start on me.  I’ll be lucky if I catch ’em now.

The scowl was starting to become a permanent fixture on his face.  Almost as permanent as his nose.  I should just give up.  I’ll never catch ’em.

Sure you will.  Jest head northwest, find a town, and ask about ’em there.

Yeah.  Like no one will get suspicious ’bout me?  And by then my face’ll be plastered on wanted posters everywhere.

It’s Here!

On Friday, November 8, 2013, I ordered something very exciting from createspace: the proof copy of my book!  They said that the expected arrival date was November 19th, so I settled in for a long wait.  Waiting, waiting, waiting, and writing.  Continue reading

November Craziness

I am (kind of) joining hundreds, if not thousands, of other authors this month in a quest to do the seemingly impossible.  In certain circles, November is called National Novel Writing Month, a.k.a NaNoWriMo or NaNo.  The challenge is to write 50,000 words of a book not yet started in 30 days.


I am being a rebel by making my own goal and working on a book that I already had around halfway finished.  My goal is 25,000 words (or until I reach the end of the book, whichever comes first), and I am working on the sequel to A Mighty Fortress.

There are eight big reasons for having a shorter goal:

  1. My little brother has a birthday on Wednesday.  (I can’t believe he will be 3 already!)
  2. My mom has a birthday.
  3. 6 days later, my dad has a birthday.
  4. Thanksgiving Day is always spent with family.
  5. I do little or no writing on Tuesdays because it is a crazy, busy, and long day.
  6. I still have responsibilities at home.
  7. I like to sleep at least 5 hours every night and I barely do that in a normal month.
  8. I will be spending a lot of time organizing marketing ideas and promoting my book, A Mighty Fortress.

There you have my reasons for having half the goal of the official NaNo goal.  Now for my reasons to do NaNo in the first place.

  1. Extra motivation to get a first draft of Be Thou My Vision finished.
  2. Something to do while I wait impatiently for my proof copy of A Mighty Fortress to come in.
  3. I have always wanted to do NaNo, but with 3 birthdays, plus Thanksgiving, plus life in general I haven’t ever thought I would be able to try.
  4. I really, really, really want to get Be Thou My Vision rough draft finished.

Now to ask you a question.  🙂  Are you doing NaNoWriMo?  If so, what are you writing?

And the winners are… has chosen our winners!  Congratulations to you all!  I hope you enjoy your books.  I will be sending you an email so I can get your mailing address and send the books to you.

The Winners

Historical Fiction

Theodora Ashcraft

Historical Fiction/Non-fiction









Litany L










Jan Hall

23rd bday giveaway 008 (Large)











Rose Williams


Congratulations to you all and thank you for participating in my giveaway.  It’s been fun and I greatly appreciate the words of insight and advice you all had for me.

Happy reading!