“What must I do to be saved?”


There is a slight schedule change.  Due to not hearing from the person who I thought would be posting this as a guest post, I have decided to post it here instead.  There are still quite a few guest posts, interviews, excerpts, and reviews left on the schedule so make sure you keep up with the tour.  Enjoy and feel free to share it everywhere, not to promote me and my book, but to spread the Gospel message to as many people as we can.

I have been asked a few times, “Why are you writing A Mighty Fortress?  What are your goals for your book?”  While I would love to sell lots of books and become a best-selling author, I know that is just a pipe dream.  My true goal and the reason for writing my book as epitomized in chapter 16 of my book:

As the weeks and months sped by, the ranch hands became part of the family.  Wyatt and Flynn even seemed to relax some.  Since there were only four ranch hands, Harriet insisted that the hands eat with the family for meals.

“It’s just as easy to feed eight as it is to feed four,” she exclaimed.  “Eating with a family will be good for them.”

Daniel gave up on arguing with his wife about the subject.  Instead, he chose to truly make them all a part of the family and insisted that they join the family for devotions after dinner.

Even though Christmas was still a few months away, Daniel felt a burden to share the Christmas story a little earlier than he had planned.  After the table was cleared, Daniel opened his Bible to Luke chapter two and began to read.

“In those days, Caesar Augustus…”

Ruth smiled at these words and listened in rapture to her father’s deep, expressive voice.  She felt like she lived in the story.  This happened nearly every year, but this year was the first time she really put herself in Mary’s place.  She felt the confusion, the fear, the pain, the rejection.  What would it have been like to be the mother of the Son of God?  Would she have been as willing as Mary was? Continue reading