Blog Tour Surprise Post

The surprise post for the blog tour is now here.  It was so much of a surprise this author didn’t even know what she was going to post until she started to seriously think about it last evening.

What am I going to write about?  Well, I will have three pictures and a few paragraphs.  I know that much for sure.  So, here goes:

Friday, December 6, 2013


Two out of fifty books


The other forty-eight books

Can anyone guess what happened on this day?  My copies for signing arrived!  I ordered 50 books and I am going to have to order more already.  Signed copies are still available if anybody wants them.  Just go to the contact page and request a copy.  They are $13.50 (includes shipping and handling).

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Book signing

Signing the books

On Sunday, I signed my first books.  There were some people at church who had ordered some signed books, so I brought them with me.  I brought eight books to church and came back with one.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Today, I bring more signed copies with me as I go about my usual Tuesday schedule.  I am also looking into having a book signing at one of our local bookstores or libraries, so please be in prayer about that.  Also, if your library takes requests, feel free to request that they buy my book.

I found out today that my bookmark advertising paid off at one of our local libraries.  I had dropped off a bookmark with one of the librarians about a month ago and she said she would share it with the other librarians.  Yesterday, I found out that one of the librarians saw the bookmark and thought it was very professional looking and decided to request that the library buy my book.  Am I excited?  Slightly. 😉


 Since this post is kind of short, I’ll leave you with this excerpt from the beginning of the book:

Jed shook the cobwebs and thoughts out of his head.  He had a mission to accomplish.  Maybe by the time he was done, Tom would be dead and, as former second-in-command, he could break up the gang and send Garrett to do something else.  Anything else.

Jed set the thoughts aside and headed into the woods after the kids.  They had hurt his friends and he wouldn’t let them get away with it.  They only had about a half hour head start on him and were sure to go slower.  Especially since the girl had skirts to fight with.  I should be able to catch ’em within a coupla hours.

The trail was easy to follow for a while.  Jed trudged along their wide, trampled trail.  Along the way, he saw small bits of brown calico sticking to the surrounding underbrush.

After a mad dash to get away, the kids started getting smart.  They slowed down, changed direction, and took more care in where they put their feet down.  Jed grunted in frustration as the trail started to get harder to follow.  Maybe it would take the rest of the day instead of just a couple hours.

Another hour passed.  Jed started muttering to himself.  “Are they part Injun?  This trail is almost impossible to follow.”  He narrowed his eyes, his face becoming a hard scowl.  He glanced up at the sky.  The sun would be setting in a few hours.  He had to catch them before it did.

He kept his eyes sharp on the faint trail.  Even the bits of material had disappeared.  He wondered how they had managed that, but dismissed the thought.

As he continued on after the kids, he thought about a life without the gang.  Could he actually do it?  He stopped walking.  With Tom on his deathbed, he could leave without any worry about Tom coming after him.

Jed continued walking.  He looked around him.  What he wouldn’t give for Milton to be there.  Or even Ty or Carson.  As clueless as they had been about being outlaws, they had at least been pleasant to be around.  Jed clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth.

So many dead.  So many lives wasted.  What would they have been if they hadn’t become outlaws?  Milton might’ve become a schoolteacher.  He probably would’ve even made a good one.  Ty and Carson?  Too bad court jesters were a thing of the past.  They would have made a great pair of jesters.

Lefty.  If he’d have put his fast gun hand and quick thinking to good use, he could have been a sheriff.  Garrett?  He definitely should’ve been a blacksmith.  He had the build, muscle, and know-how for it.  Now Tom was a harder one to figure out.

Jed squinted at the trail and looked around to study the land around him.  The terrain was getting rockier.  He swore.  He’d always had trouble tracking on rocky ground.  What was he doing, anyway?  Who had the kids seen?  One of the men they’d seen was dead, another nearly dead.  He’d been wearing a mask.  No, the mask hadn’t covered up all of his distinctive red hair, but it covered enough.

The only other man they’d seen was Garrett and he didn’t have any features that would stand out too much.  Why go after the kids at all?


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