Happy 41st anniversary…or is it?

It is January 22, 1973.   You are sitting on your couch, watching the news when the news anchor announces that the Supreme Court has made it’s decision on the Roe v. Wade case.  At first you think little of it.  Nobody would really use the now-legal abortion services after all.  Or would they?

Forty-one years later, over 50 million–50 MILLION–babies have died in America alone.  How do we know that someone didn’t abort the scientist who would cure cancer?  Is it possible that the greatest Nobel peace prize winner was aborted?  Could it be that maybe the man or woman who could have ended all nuclear war threats was killed?  Why?  Because nine people, in our highest court took the natural law, written on everyone’s hearts, and squeezed the life out of it.

Forty-one years ago today, the Supreme Court took the natural law into their own hands and declared that abortion was legal. What is the natural law? The natural law is what God has written on your hearts and minds (see Romans 2:12-16). All people, Christians and non-Christians alike, naturally understand that certain things are wrong: murder, rape, stealing, bullying, lying, etc. This is the natural law. This is the law that is written on our hearts.

Forty-one years ago, nine judges took part of that law and redefined it. The killing of a harmless, innocent child was made legal. Since the infamous 1973 ruling, science has shown that life truly does begin at conception, just as God said in the Holy Bible. With ultrasounds, we can now see the baby develop.

As seen in this photo from Personhood USA’s Facebook page, even at 7-week development, you can see arms, legs, a heartbeat and more. And yet, this is the age most babies are aborted. Can anybody honestly see this picture and not want to cherish and protect this precious human life?

7 week old baby


4 thoughts on “Happy 41st anniversary…or is it?

  1. Leah E. Good says:

    Great post, Faith. I didn’t even realize it was the anniversary. Glad to be made aware of the fact.

  2. Effy says:

    Thank you for this timely and well written post. So very true.
    May God forgive us for our apathy.

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