Character Interview-Miles Jenkins

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Before I get on with the interview, I just want to remind you that tomorrow, March 15th, the Kindle version of A Mighty Fortress will be $0.99.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it and don’t want to spend a lot of money, pick it up tomorrow.  And now for the interview with Pastor Miles Jenkins.  If you have any further questions about or for Pastor Jenkins, please feel free to ask them.  🙂

Pastor Miles Jenkins
Secondary Main Character in Be Thou My Vision a Christian Western

Hair: Black with some graying around the temples, short, straight
Eyes: Brown with green flecks
Height: 5’9”
Complexion: tan,
Features: care-worn, but with plenty of laugh lines
Widowed 3 years ago
Children: Two boys ages 7 and 9
Age: 34

As the Pastor of a small community, Pastor Jenkins has to take care of his flock as well as his two sons. He received support from the church when his wife died three years earlier, but the church quickly lost steam when it came to helping him and he has been completely on his own for about 2 years. Being both mother and father to 2 energetic boys has started to wear him down. Especially with all his extra responsibilities with the church. They are both suffering. He has prayed for over a year that God would provide a solution.


How does he feel about his wife’s death and why?

He dearly loved his wife, so he is grieved over her death. He still misses her wisdom and help.

Does he want to fall in love again, or does he just want someone to take care of the boys?

One of the last things his wife made him promise was to not get married just for someone to take care of the boys. He needed to get married to someone he could, at the very least, be good friends with.

Has he considered marrying any of the women in the community around him? What does he feel about that?

He did consider it once. As a pastor, he talks to lots of people and he talked to each of the young women, but they all seemed much too interested in becoming the Pastor’s wife rather than talking about anything serious. Anytime he would bring up a serious topic, they would change the topic.

Do financial problems wear on him at all?

A little, but his church pays him pretty well, so he hasn’t had to worry about it too much. He is more worried about wearing himself down as he does all the obligatory Pastoral visits, getting a sermon ready, and being mother and father to his two sons.

Has he had a very academic background?

He graduated from school and went to seminary. He loves to learn and is always studying. Usually he studies the Bible, but he has been known to study other things as well.

Does he feel more unable to meet the needs of his children, or of his church?

The needs of his children. He knows his boys need a mother’s care and his failure to find them a mother has weighed on him heavily. He also knows that he cannot become a mother-figure to them.


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