Character Interview: James Jenkins

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I would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who bought and/or shared my Kindle Countdown promotion.  I sold a total of 16 books!  I was very please with the results.  So thank you very much!  The winner of the little contest I held was Valerie Howard.  She shared the promotion at least six times.  Valerie, be watching your inbox as I will be sending you a small token of my appreciation in the next couple of days.

And now onto the interview with John’s little brother, James.  As with the other interviews, feel free to ask any questions about James.

James Jenkins
Tertiary Main Character in Be Thou My Vision a Christian Western
Hair: Chestnut, short, wavy
Eyes: blue
Height: 4’ 6”
Complexion: fair, freckled
Features: button nose, average
Age: 7

James has been mute from birth.  He can hear and communicates with sign language.  He is a shy, introverted boy who gets hurt easily by what people say.  He loves his father and brother and always wants to help out with whatever he can.

If he could speak, what would the first thing he’d say?

He would find his father and say, “I love you, Dad!”

How has being mute affected him at the deepest level?

Not being able to talk means that he cannot always say exactly what he wants, when he wants. This has made him shy and introverted. If he were able to speak, he would be more outgoing.

What is his biggest fear?

Losing his father.

Can he write/Is he learning to write?

Yes, he can. He can still go to school since he can hear just fine, it is just that he cannot speak.

Is he shy because of his age, or is his shyness something brought on because he is mute?

A combination of both, but I think most of it is because he is mute and has a hard time communicating with people.

How does he express himself?

James expresses himself with sign language and with his hands and facial expressions.

Does he confide in anyone (somehow) when his feelings are hurt, or does he just bottle them up?

He confides in his father as much as possible. Miles helps him out by trying to talk to him alone every night before bed.

How does he communicate on a day to day basis?

He mostly communicates with his sign language. When he needs to get someone’s attention, he claps his hands loudly.

What is his favorite thing to do?

James’ favorite thing to do is read. Reading opens up new worlds to him. He also likes to help his father cook and bake.


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