AFSiJ Week Four


Don’t forget to check out my rafflecopter giveaway and the Kindle Countdown is still going strong. I’ve sold 8 books so far and the price will go back up to the normal price again in 2 days and 19 1/2 hours. And now on to this week’s AFSiJ questions.

How goes progress?
Amazing! Last week, I was beginning to think I would totally fail both goals, but this week, I was able to do an amazing amount of writing and the end is in sight. Editing, not so much. I didn’t get any done and I’ve decided to drop that goal.
Snippet-time! Share a snippet or two from your weekly writing.

 This was a scene that was hard to write, but it also went the fastest. It is just over 1,000 words long and I wrote it in a little over a half hour. I’m only sharing a small portion of it.
    Iain forced himself to do everything the doctor told him, take everything he was given to take, and even eat all of the food that Rachel prepared for him. By Wednesday, he was ready to do something for himself. He knew Caleb would be gone at least half the morning to pack the wagon and Rachel was at school, so he waited until she left. Then he got out of bed carefully, no fully trusting his legs to work properly. He got himself dressed and walked out to the barn.
As was his ritual, he turned his eyes away from the spot where Jed had nearly killed him. When he got to the barn, he almost didn’t have the willpower to enter. He tried to take a deep breath, but his lungs refused to work that well, so he contented himself with shallow breaths.
“Now what can I do to help that won’t tire me out?” Iain asked himself as he stepped inside the dark barn. He saw the tack for the plow horses laying on the floor where they had fallen of the hook. “I guess some tidying up would do.”
When he bent over to pick the pieces of leather up, a sharp pain shot up the right side of his body and he started to shake all over. “Dear God, what’s happening to me?” Iain groaned. His breath began to fail him and his vision grew dark. “God, help me,” he pleaded as the darkness overtook him.
How would the main character of your story react if he or she were introduced to you?
Caleb probably wouldn’t react much. He’s a pretty mellow guy who takes most things in stride. Now, if he were told that I’m the one who wrote his story, that might be a different story.
Introduce us to one or two of the secondary characters in your story.
Maggie Jeniffer McDougall is kind of a primary character, but Amazing Grace has so many characters that are important it is hard to decide who is primary and who is secondary. So, for today, Maggie will be a secondary character I can introduce to you.
At the beginning of Amazing Grace, Maggie is thirty years old and has been widowed for two years. She has a ten year old daughter and is struggling to make ends meet without becoming a lady of the night or marrying one of the many creeps who ask her without getting to know her first. She knows she has to do something and her daughter, Rachel, knows she does, too. On the same day, God gives both her and Rachel the same idea–to become a mail order bride. To find out more, you’ll have to read the book. 😉
Maggie is a hard-working woman who is cautious, but once you gain her trust, she will never back down from her loyalty to you. She is a farm girl who married a city boy, but loved him so much, so didn’t mind living in the city. Now that he is dead, she just wants out of the city, though, especially as Rachel gets older. She has thick, wavy brown hair, brown eyes and a tan complexion.
If your main character were allowed to choose a super-power, which power would he most desire?
Being able to change the past without affecting the present too much. Caleb has many regrets about the past that he wishes could be changed, especially in regards to his brother, Jed.
We’re nearing the end of this summer challenge! Is the completion of your goal in sight?
Yes, it is. At the time of this publication, I am in need of 11,115 words at the very most and possibly only about 7,500. I have 18 out of 22 chapters finished (prior to editing) and one of the remaining four chapters is almost finished.

2 thoughts on “AFSiJ Week Four

  1. Jack says:

    That is great you are still on track!! And I loved that snippet, it made me want to read more!!!

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