I need your help


Dear Blog Readers,

I need your help. For my upcoming cover reveal blog tour, I am writing four guest posts and can only think of ideas for three. I would like to keep them all either writing, Western, or book related.

This is where you come in. Is there a question you have always wanted to ask an author? Is there something you would like to know about the process of writing and/or editing? Is there something about the Old West that you have always been curious about and I might know something about it? Is there something (no spoilers allowed) that you would like to know about my series?

Please feel free to come up with any kind of blog post idea and/or question for me to answer in a blog post. It will be paired up with an author interview, so the topic doesn’t have to be terribly lengthy. If you have an idea and/or question, please comment below. If I get a lot of responses, I might make it into a blog series after the cover reveal or as part of my book release tour. 🙂

Thank you very much. I look forward to reading your ideas.




Exciting News!

Before I get to the exciting news, I do have a favor to ask anybody who has a blog and would like to participate to go to this form and check out the details. The form is asking for people to participate in my big cover reveal. A fun giveaway is planned for the cover reveal as well, so make sure you stop by my blog when I do the cover reveal September 15-22.

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Runaway: A review

Runaway by Renee Donne
Imprint: Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2014

After Marianne discovers her bankrupt stepfather sold her into marriage to the highest bidder, she flees Philadelphia and heads west to start a new life.
Unfortunately for her danger follows.  First, a stage coach accident leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere – with an injured driver. And henchmen, hired by her spurned would-be husband, are hot on her trail, threatening to return her to Philadelphia and the man who is determined to own her.

Just when things seem hopeless, Marianne is rescued by a handsome, cowboy who offers temporary refuge.  Knowing she can’t refuse, yet wary of his intentions, Marianne finds herself drawn to this quiet, enigmatic hero. But is he someone she can trust?


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AFSiJ Finale

(I apologize for the formatting. For some reason, the blog site does not want to put paragraph breaks where I tell them to go and I don’t know anything about html, so I can’t fix it.)
Finale Questions
Did you reach your goal?
I reached my writing goal, but not the editing goal. That being said, I am hoping that I can get the editing done this week.
What was the most difficult part of finishing something this July?
I had too much going on in July. 😛 It wasn’t until the last week of July that I actually had some time to write.
Did you maintain a writing schedule? How often did you write to meet your goal?

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And the winner is…

Blog sneak peek

The Western Roundup Giveaway is over. I had fun reading all the comments about favorite western books and authors. Thank you to all who participated.

Now, I’m going to torture you all a little bit before I reveal the winner. First I have another giveaway to announce, plus I’d like to tell you how to get a free ebook of A Mighty Fortress. Continue reading