Cover Reveal and Giveaway

BTMV excerpt Promo

Today is the day! If you saw my post from last Wednesday, you will know that I my Book Cover Reveal Blog Tour starts today. First, I want to thank the eight bloggers who kindly signed up to be part of my blog tour. I couldn’t do this without you.

Through this coming week, there will be sneak peeks, author interviews, and guest posts on various topics. On the respective date, I will update the following schedule with a direct link to the blog post (the links are currently just to the blogs home page). And don’t forget to enter the exciting giveaway and preorder Be Thou My Vision.


Sept. 15……..Faith………….…………………..Opening Statement and Giveaway announcement

……………….Jaye L. Knight…………………Sneak Peek/Author Interview

Sept. 16……Shanna Hatfield………………..Guest Post

Sept. 17…….Rebekah Lyn……………………Sneak Peek

Sept. 18…….Annie Douglass Lima…………Guest Post

Sept. 19…….Valerie Howard……………….Sneak Peek

Sept. 20…….Ophelia Marie Flowers…….Guest Post/Sneak Peek

Sept. 21…….Jack Lewis Bailott……………Sneak Peek

Sept. 22…….Laura Marshall………………..Sneak Peek/Author Interview

Sept. 23…….Faith………………………………Wrap up and Winner announcement

Cover Reveal

Before I get to the book cover, you might be interested to know more about Be Thou My Vision.

The church was empty when I dragged myself out of the pew and headed out the door. As I opened the door, the corner of my eye caught a flicker of movement which I chose to ignore. I walked down the steps and was nearly bowled over by two wild boys. With arms grown strong and quick from man-handling two brothers growing up, I grabbed the two boys before they had a chance to escape me.

Anna Stuart is comfortable with her life. She may be a 30 year old spinster, but she has her routine and enjoys taking care of her father and older brother. One letter shatters all her routines, comfort, and enjoyment. After learning of her brother’s death, Anna feels like her life will never be the same again.

Then she meets two motherless boys. Did God place them in her life to lead her to a new vision of life? Can she trust God to give her the desires of her heart before she even knows what they are?

Without further ado, I now reveal to you the process I went through to pick a book cover.

Step #1:

Contact my book cover designer and give her some initial ideas.

Step #2:

Wait for Perry to get me some ideas.

Step #3:

Review said ideas. Here are the first ideas she came up with:

vision1 vision2

I really liked both of them, but there were also things I didn’t like. I loved the church in the one on the left, but the dry, brown grass was too distracting. With the one on the left, I loved the cloudy sky, but the church really didn’t fit the story. On to…

Step #4:

Perry and I happened to be online at the same time one day while she was working on my cover, so we used Gmail chat and she sent me some links to pictures she could try if I liked any of them. We finally found one and she created a couple of cover ideas with that picture.

vision3 vision3b vision3c vision3e

I have four of them, each slightly different, but none of them quite right. The first one on the left, I didn’t like how “Vision” was so big or that it covered up the steeple on the church. The next one, I kind of liked, but not quite. Same with the other two. Finally, I realized what might work and suggested it to Perry. She came up with this lovely, gorgeous book cover:

Be Thou My Vision just front1 (2)

Isn’t it loverly? I can’t wait to see what it will look like for the paperback version. What do you think of the cover?

Giveaway News

And now for the exciting ebook giveaway. There will be two winners as there are two prizes. The first winner will receive (at the end of September/beginning of October) and Advanced Reader Copy of Be Thou My Vision. The second winner will receive an ebook of Aundy by Shanna Hatfield.

Aundy Cover

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a mail-order bride?

In Aundy, a sweet historical romance, take that journey with one courageous woman…

Desperate to better her situation, Aundy Thorsen agrees to leave behind her life in Chicago to fulfill a farmer’s request for a mail-order bride in Pendleton, Oregon. When a tragic accident leaves her a widow soon after becoming a wife, Aundy takes on the challenge of learning how to manage a farm, even if it means her stubborn determination to succeed upsets a few of the neighbors.

Born and raised at Nash’s Folly, the family ranch, Garrett Nash loves life in the bustling community of Pendleton as the 20th century approaches.

When his neighbor passes away and leaves behind a plucky widow, Garrett takes on the role of her protector and guardian. His admiration for her tenacious spirit soon turns to something more. He just needs to convince the strong-willed woman to give love another chance.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite Western movie, book, or song. Another option for entering is to also make a comment about the blog post you read. If you comment, but do not tell me your favorite movie, book, or song, you will be disqualified from the drawings.


The most exciting news (for me) is that Be Thou My Vision is now available for preorder! For a limited time only, the Kindle version is only $.99. On the publication date, October 26, 2014, the price will go up to $2.99.

BTMV Preorder Promo2

If you preorder the book now, it will be automatically delivered to your Kindle on October 26th. If you would like to share this awesome sale, feel free to use the above image and post it or pin it wherever you would like.

Enjoy the rest of the tour and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


20 thoughts on “Cover Reveal and Giveaway

  1. nate65 says:

    Amazing cover! I love watching this move along like it is. 🙂

  2. Theodora says:

    I’d say that “Firefly” is my favourite Western TV show, but it’s also sci-fi so that might not work. XD

    I have a few favourite Western films; The Lone Ranger is one. The Frisco Kid is another. 😀

    On that note, this is quite exciting! Congratulations on getting another book finished; the cover is lovely, and I can’t wait to read the book!

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  5. Thanks for allowing me to join in your fun cover reveal, Faith! 🙂

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  9. I had two favorite TV westerns growing up, Roy Rogers and the song Happy Trails and Gunsmoke. We watched a lot of westerns!

  10. I liked The Cowboys with John Wayne, I cry every time, that rat Bruce Dern LOL

  11. I read a blog on Letters from Annie..
    A favorite song – Amarillo By Mourning

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