2 facts about tomorrow: First, I turn a year older tomorrow. This is both exciting and a little frightening at the same time. I am coming ever closer to turning a quarter of a century old. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s a frightening thought. I know, for those of you who are older than 25, that sounds like I’m a spring chicken. But for me, it’s a little scarier. Do you remember when you were getting close to 25? We each go through phases like this. BTMV promo pb and kSecond, my second book is being released to the general public. Today is the last day the Kindle version will be available for preorder and also the last day it will be available for only $0.99 (until I do another promo). Tomorrow the book will be available for purchase and have a higher price tag. If you want to read the book for a cheaper price buy it now. I also have my proof copy for the paperback in my possession. It looks gorgeous! And I just read through it all yesterday (I know, I’m bad) and there were just four minor issues. Once those are resolved early this week, I’ll be able approve the proof and it will be available to order shortly after that. In other words, if you preorder your autographed copy, I’ll be able to ship the book to you absolutely no later than the week before Thanksgiving!  Autographed copies are just $10.00 + shipping. This blog post is set up in 2’s, 4’s, and 24’s. I think you can probably guess why. 😉 Continue reading


Hi, I’m August Howitz

Hi, I’m August Howitz. Nice to meet you. You probably know me as Faith, but see, I took this personality test with characters from a series of books I like to read and the person I got was August Howitz from Grace Pennington’s Firmament series. She writes mostly Science Fiction (or as one blogger called it, Space Opera and please don’t ask me what that is, I probably don’t know anymore than you do), but she also wrote an awesome Western Mystery novel. But I’m getting sidetracked.

As I was saying, when I took Grace’s personality test, I got the character I thought I would: August Howitz. Thus the reason I’m going with that name for right now. I also happen to know that he is my friend Aubrey‘s favorite character, so that must mean something right?. 😉

 Here’s the description of August:

You aren’t a bold or outgoing person, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have inner strength. Though you tend to be timid, self-conscious, and insecure, when put to the test you show more courage than people give you credit for. You are sensitive and crave approval from those you love, but you tend to keep your feelings to yourself.

Does that fit me? Who did you get? I want to know who you people are, so make sure you take the test and then come back here and let me know who you are.

The Countdown

Grace is doing a countdown to her book publication and I’m smack dab in the middle. So make sure you check out the first two blogs and then the last two over the next couple of days.

8th – Joel A. Parisi
19th – Aubrey Hansen
20th – Faith Blum
21th – Elisabeth G. Foley
22th – Jonathan Garner

The Book

Machiavellian frontOn their way back to Earth from the newly discovered world of Kainus Ge, the Surveyor rescues the personnel of a malfunctioning science station. Young medical assistant Andi quickly befriends the newcomers, particularly the charming captain, but things get complicated when the scientists offer the impossible–a way to improve the barren planet and the lives of all its inhabitants.

There’s only one problem: their solution requires the Surveyor to enter the one area of the galaxy which is off-limits to travel.

As the Captain struggles with his decisions, Andi and her father become suspicious of the “accidents” that keep happening on the ship. Could it be coincidence, or is someone trying to sabotage their mission? Can they uncover the truth in time to stop the Captain from wrecking his career and losing his ship forever?

The Book Review

Five stars
Recommended Ages: 10 and up

Characters: 1/1
As with Radialloy and In His Image, Grace does a wonderful job with her characters. There have been very few times when I felt that her characters were two dimensional or unrealistic. In Machiavellian, she doesn’t disappoint. Fans of Andi Lloyd will be happy to know that Andi is the same growing young woman she was in the first two books. And the best part, in my opinion, is that she goes through even more struggles to show that she isn’t perfect. I really appreciate Grace making her characters have good and bad qualities.

Dialogue: 1/1
Again, like the characters, the dialogue in Grace’s book has always been well done. It is engaging, realistic, humorous, and fits each character.

Plot/storyline: 1/1
I can’t wait to finally be able to talk about this book freely (Note: I beta-read the book in June). The plot is amazingly complex, yet simple once you read the end. Each of Grace’s books have had a mystery element to them and this one is no different.

Over-all writing quality: 1/1
I have honestly been jealous of Grace’s writing abilities ever since I read her first book, especially “Never”. Her writing is always very well done and I wish I had even a tenth of her talent.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1
I read this book in something like two days and it only took me that long because I read it on my computer and had to eat, do chores, and other things. I had to find out what was going on and what they were all going to decide.

Overall: 5/5
I would recommend this book to anybody over the age of 10. Some kids under 10 might be okay with it, but there are elements that they would not understand and would probably need some explanations. If you haven’t read the first two, you might not understand some of the references to the other books, but those are few and far between and shouldn’t take away from your enjoyment of the book.

If you haven’t bought this book, go to the Amazon page (on October 23rd) and buy it. I can almost guarantee you will like it.

Character Interview: Lirth

I realize I already posted something today, but I also had this blog post scheduled as part of a blog tour, so you get a treat: two blog posts in one day.

BlogTourButtonToday, we have a special guest. Our guest is Lirth, from Rachel Rossano’s book, The King of Anavrea. I haven’t read it yet, but I look forward to reading it. It sounds fascinating.

Introducing the book

WEB-Rossano-KingOfAnavrea-FINALA reluctant king, a blind queen, and a marriage that sparked a rebellion…

Ireic Theodoric, King of Anavrea, constantly battles with his council over who will run the country. When the council insists on a treaty with Sardmara, he agrees. However, the treaty quickly becomes an arranged marriage. Ireic offers up himself for the sake of Anavrea. But after he signs, no princess appears.

Lirth Parnan, only daughter of the king of Sardmara, survives alone in a cold, damp tower room. Baron Tor kidnapped her in an attempt to control her father. No one came to claim her. She suspects her father considers her flawed beyond use in his political games. After five years of waiting, her hope of rescue wanes with her health.

After Ireic fights his way into Lirth’s tower, he realizes the depths of her father’s deception. Instead of being an answer to his problems, Lirth creates new ones. The council will not accept her as queen, but Ireic has sworn an oath that he will marry her. His choice could cost him his throne, perhaps his life.

Introducing our special guest

And now for the interview with Lirth.

Me: How old were you when you went blind?

Lirth: I lost my sight when I was seven. While out riding with my brothers, I was thrown from my horse. For three days, I remained unconscious with a fever. When I finally woke, I could see nothing.

Me: What do you do in the tower?

L: Pace, think, sing, talk to myself and the Kurios, sleep, listen to the men guarding me, listen to the sounds outside my window, whatever I can think of to keep me from losing my mind to boredom.

Me: Do you have any hobbies?

L: Before I was kidnapped, I indulged in many past times like music, listening to books read out loud, stitching, walking in the gardens, riding out with my brothers (when they visited), and rambling the countryside with my dogs.

Me: If you could do one thing with your life, what would it be?

L: I would seek to glorify my Savior, the Kurios. Whether it is as a Queen or a pauper, my purpose is to glorify Him.

Me: If you could change one thing about you, what would you change?

L: My sight. It causes such hardship to those I love. My husband almost lost his kingdom because of it. My ability to serve as Queen is limited by it. Above all else, I wish I could see my husband. Having never known him or even seen a painting of him before I lost my sight, I am forced to depend on other’s descriptions, my memory of colors, and the “seeing” ability of my fingers.

Me: What is your favorite song?

L: Although my author says it couldn’t have possibly been around during my time, my favorite hymn is Speak Lord in the Stillness.

Me: Do you have a favorite food?

L:I love fresh fruit and vegetables. After years of cold and rotting food, anything fresh is a great treat. I also really appreciate warm and well-seasoned dishes. I missed those during my captivity.

Thanks for stopping by, Lirth!

Introducing the author

SquareProfile2A200Rachel Rossano is a happily married mother of three children. She spends her days teaching, mothering, and keeping the chaos at bay. After the little ones are in bed, she immerses herself in the fantasy worlds of her books. Tales of romance, adventure, and virture set in a medieval fantasy world are her preference, but she also writes speculative fantasy and a bit of science fiction.

Rachel Rossano loves to interact with readers.

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Introducing the other bloggers

To read more visit Emily’s blog tomorrow and Melody’s blog on Sunday.

Be Thou My Vision Blog tour

Be Thou My Vision Blog TourI am excited to announce that there will be a blog tour for Be Thou My Vision starting on October 20th and ending October 31st. The blog tour is being organized by the lovely Dawnita Fogleman and the blog tour schedule and opening post will be announced on her blog on October 20th. Make sure you head over there on Monday and find out more about the fun we are going to have. And don’t forget that Be Thou My Vision is available for preorder and only on sale until October 26th!

BTMV tagline promoBut, that’s not the best part! The best part is that on November 1st, we are going to have a big Facebook party complete with prizes and fun giveaways. So far, we have at least 10 books of various genres, age groups, and authors to giveaway. Including, Lord willing, a paperback set of A Mighty Fortress and Be Thou My Vision as the Grand Prize!


I have a dilemma. I have three book cover ideas to choose from for Amazing Grace, but I can’t decide which one I like better or looks more consistent with the first two. That’s where you come in. I posted something on Facebook and Google +, but there is an almost two-way tie. That’s where you come in.

First, the blurb:

Caleb hurried to the post office. He had to get in and out before his sister finished at the general store. “Any mail for the Stuarts?” He asked the post master.

The post master took a lazy look at him over the top of his eyeglasses and gave a heaving sigh. “Yep. Somethin’ from Ohio and somethin’ from Montana.”

Caleb waited until the large man put the letters lazily in his hand. As he left he wondered why Anna had written something to Montana. None of my business. He folded and stashed the Ohio letter in his back pocket. It would get wrinkled, but at least Anna wouldn’t know about it.

As Caleb struggles through some inner battles, he secretly starts a correspondence with a widow and her daughter. Their unabashed faith in God convicts him and increases his inner struggles.

Unable to find a steady job, Maggie places an advertisement to become a mail-order bride. Her daughter, Rachel, is her motivation and encouragement, but if Maggie doesn’t find a job or husband soon, Rachel might not survive through the next year.

Can Caleb learn to trust God despite his past? Can Maggie and Rachel hold onto their faith despite all their trials? What will happen when they meet in person?

Continue reading

Seasons of Writing

Clean Indie Reads Fall Sale Banner

I have been blessed by the group of authors on the Clean Indie Reads Facebook group and am so excited to be part of this book sale. There are lots of clean books written by independently published authors either free or on sale. Check them out here. There are some awesome books on there!

As part of the blog tour, we are supposed to answer this question:

Do the changing seasons influence your writing and/or choice of books to read? Continue reading

Falling leaves, falling prices

Aren’t the colors of the leaves gorgeous this year? My family and I were in Upper Michigan this weekend and saw some awesome colors. It was also freezing cold, but the colors and the beauty of Lake Superior were well worth the discomfort. And the van was nice and warm. But, as with all things, the colors and the leaves too, will be gone.

Clean Indie Reads Fall Sale BannerTo celebrate the changing of the season, myself and many authors in a Facebook group I am in are having a Fall sale. There are lots of books available either for free or majorly discounted. Check out the website that has all the books listed. Also, in conjunction with this sale, there is also a blog hop going on with some giveaways. You can find out more about that here and check back on my blog on Saturday for my post in the blog hop.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the sale. My books are both on sale for $0.99 this week. Click on the covers to go to the Amazon page.

BTMV Preorder Promo2A Mighty Fortress frontcover