Falling leaves, falling prices

Aren’t the colors of the leaves gorgeous this year? My family and I were in Upper Michigan this weekend and saw some awesome colors. It was also freezing cold, but the colors and the beauty of Lake Superior were well worth the discomfort. And the van was nice and warm. But, as with all things, the colors and the leaves too, will be gone.

Clean Indie Reads Fall Sale BannerTo celebrate the changing of the season, myself and many authors in a Facebook group I am in are having a Fall sale. There are lots of books available either for free or majorly discounted. Check out the website that has all the books listed. Also, in conjunction with this sale, there is also a blog hop going on with some giveaways. You can find out more about that here and check back on my blog on Saturday for my post in the blog hop.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the sale. My books are both on sale for $0.99 this week. Click on the covers to go to the Amazon page.

BTMV Preorder Promo2A Mighty Fortress frontcover


One thought on “Falling leaves, falling prices

  1. Thank you for being part of the blog hop! I don’t let a single day go by without reading and I have read and reviewed over 280 books so far this year.

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