Of thank yous, websites, writing, and sales

First, I would like to say a big

Thank you!

 to everybody who voted for the cover for Amazing Grace. This thank you is a little delayed, but I really did appreciate all the votes. It helped me a LOT! And the cover is now finished!


I’ve been pretty busy writing, editing, redoing part of my website and helping set up a sale for the Christmas season with others in one of the Facebook writing groups I am in. Oh, yeah, and also spending time with my family. This blog post is meant to be an update on all of it. Some might interest you and some might not. I hope it all does, though.


I Love TheeAs I mentioned on my first post this month, I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. I think it was one of the best decisions I made. I’ve learned a lot about myself and also done quite a bit better with time management, especially for my writing. As of today, I have written 34,317 words written this month. This covers two shorts stories and the beginning of… *drums roll* …Book 4 of the Hymns of the West series, Come Thou Fount!

I finished my second short story, formerly called Redeemed and now renamed I Love Thee, on Friday. I did a little writing on Saturday, but took a break on Sunday because I was tired or writing and didn’t have any good ideas on how to start Come Thou Fount. But today, I got the prologue written and have the first chapter started, so my writing is back on track. 😀 Here’s to another 15,000+ words in the next couple of weeks!

EditingAmazing Grace_FRONT

Amongst my writing, I also spent a lot of time editing last week. I read through Amazing Grace one more time and made some changes and typo corrections. I also got rid of 200 unnecessary “that”s. Apparently “that” is my favorite word since it was in the book 500+ times. *rolls eyes* Oh well. With the editing finished, I sent it to my beta-readers this morning. Now to see what they think of it and what changes I need to do. I’m still hoping to have it published on February 14th, 2015. Lord willing, this will happen.


I redid the “books” part of my website. Now, when you go there, you can see only book covers. However, if you click on the book cover, it will go to another page that has the description and links to buy each book if it is available for sale.I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Website upgrade

Upcoming Sale

From December 1st through December 7th, me and some other independent authors are having a Christmas sale for our books. Both of my books will be priced at $0.99. A Mighty Fortress will be that price in all countries and Be Thou My Vision will only be in the United States. Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t made a way to do the Kindle Countdown sales for more than one marketplace at a time.

The super exciting thing (to me) is that I submitted Be Thou My Vision to three book promotion websites and was accepted by TWO of them! One of them is the second best promotion site you can be accepted by! I was super excited when I got the email. I wasn’t surprised when BookBub didn’t accept it since Be Thou My Vision only has two reviews (good ones). Then I got the email that Ereader News Today accepted my book and will be promoted on December 2, 2014. Sweet Free Books is the other promo site to accept the book and Be Thou My Vision will be promoted there on December 6, 2014.

I mentioned that I was helping organize the sale. I kind of am. I helped a little and might help some more when the website page is being designed. The main thing I’ve done so far is to create a banner for the event. It might need a little more tweaking yet, though, so I can’t share it quite yet. I’m sure I’ll be doing another blog post by the end of the month about the sale, so you can see it them. 🙂

Family Time

One of our favorite activities as a family is to play games. The last game I played with them (last night) was Apples to Apples. It is fun, hilarious, and sometimes even a little educational.

apples-to-apples-party-boxWhat do you like to do with your family?


One thought on “Of thank yous, websites, writing, and sales

  1. Naomi says:

    I like to have read aloud with Dad reading while we all do crafts. Maybe we can do that again!

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