I may or may not be guilty…

I recently discovered K.M. Weiland’s blog, “Helping Writers become Authors” and she has a wonderful blog post on a different blog today. I may or may not be guilty of the following (read the blog post here for more details). Some more so than others.

Drum Roll

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Today I have updates about a few different things including my website and my books. Also, if you have an opinion on what you want to see on my blog this year, please visit this blog post.

Website Updates

Progress bars

First of all, I want to make you aware of something fun I decided to try. On the sidebar of this blog and also on the books page of my website, I have progress bars. One is for Amazing Grace, one for Book #4, and the other for my short story, I Love Thee. The progress bars are going to progress differently. Amazing Grace is being edited and will fluctuate some from having less or more finished, but then, come about February (Lord willing), it will disappear until after it comes back from my beta-readers. Book 4 will slowly fill up as I work to finish the rough draft. I Love Thee is being edited and has been put on hold until after Amazing Grace is emailed to my beta-readers. I hope you enjoy seeing the progress I am making. Continue reading

Opinion Poll

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I would like your opinion and input. As I figure out what I want to do on my blog in 2015, I would like to know what my readers think. Of the posts I have written, what have you liked the most? Here is a list of a sampling of the types posts I did in 2014 and some I’m mulling around in my brain: Continue reading

Top 5 Books of 2014

This time of year it seems like everybody is making their lists of top (insert number) books read, movies watched, etc. last year. I don’t always get in on trends like that, but this year, I decided to because I had the opportunity to read at least five excellent book. And yes, 4 out of the 5 are Indie authors. Honestly, most of the good books I’ve read lately aren’t published by publishers which could very well become a blog post in the future.

Resistance by Jaye L. Knight–As I said in my review of this book, Jaye is my favorite fantasy author. I can read her books with no convictions about there being magic in the books because I know she won’t put that in them. Her writing is excellent and I can’t wait to read the other books in the series!

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Are you cold enough yet?

Thaw promo

I don’t know what the temperature is like where you are but there are 75 school closings in my area this morning due to the extreme cold. We might get wind chills down to 45 BELOW zero! I don’t know what you have planned, but I think I’ll curl up and read in front of the fire for awhile. How about reading the Thaw series in front of the fire? It’s just been published and book two is being released today! I got to interview the author last night and had a lot of fun doing it. Enjoy the interview, the excerpt, and all the lovely pictures and cover art and the giveaway. And make sure you pick up a book or two. 😀


Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by today. Okay, so I know a little about you, but my readers probably don’t. Could you tell us about yourself in four sentences or less?

Ack! Only four sentences? That’s impossible…

Okay, here’s a stab.

I’m a writer, dream-live-or: but in my head I’m often a secret agent, or else a Cinderella princess on the cusp of discovery. Those two personas get me through just about any crises, and with the King as my Father, then they’re both very much true! Continue reading

Delays, Ideas, and New Adventures

I can’t remember what I’ve told to whom, so some of this might a little bit of old news and some might not be. I apologize if you already know some of it, but if you want to know what is going on with my books, please read on anyway.

Amazing Grace_FRONTAfter writing Amazing Grace in a shorter time span than I thought I’d be able to do and editing it even faster than expected (though not too fast), I excitedly set a mental goal to publish the novel on February 14th. I then sent the document to my beta readers. The last two weeks of December, I started to go through their comments. As I have changed some things and considered the comments, I came to realize this book would not be published on February 14th and that it would also be the longest novel I have published so far.

I am currently at over 61,000 words and if I add as much as I am thinking I will have to add, I will for sure make it to 70,000 if not more. I am still hoping for a Spring 2015 release. Right now I am thinking April, but I won’t say for sure until I get the new scenes added and have a better idea what I’m doing.

Since Amazing Grace is a continuation of Be Thou My Vision I had hoped to publish it shortly after and, Lord willing, I will publish it before June. I know there are at least a few people out there who are waiting anxiously for the third book and I am trying to get it to you. But I do not want to write a sub-par book just so  you can read what happens to the characters. I wish I could write six books or more per year like it seems other authors can, but I cannot do so either time-wise or quality-wise.

One of my goals as a writer is to write good quality books in both content and actual writing. To this end, I recently purchased a few books to help me write better and with more description. I look forward to implementing some of the things in the books.

I am still writing book four and can’t wait to find out how my characters decide to end the story, but that book has also stalled a little right now. I’m sure it will continue soon, but at the moment, my characters are taking a break from speaking to me.

This summer, I hope to publish at least one, if not two or three, short stories. Each story is connected

Mockup, and possible final, title for one of the short stories.

Mockup, and possible final, title for one of the short stories.

(barely) to Amazing Grace. You do not have to read Amazing Grace in order to read these stories, however. Each of the stories is about a mail order bride and one is about a man who writes to a mail order bride only to find love in his own hometown. These stories will also have hymns as their titles and I can’t wait for you to read them. Of course, I have to edit the one and write and edit the other two, so I’ll have to wait, but those are just minor details, right? 😉

Sorry for the long, rambly post. I applaud you if you made it all the way to the end and I hope it was at least a little bit interesting.

Have you ever run into major snags like this? Have you ever had to change your plans for publishing?

Happy New Year!

New Year 2015

When you read this post, I will be on my way to Tennessee for a conference, but I did want to make sure I wished everybody a Happy New Year. I am looking forward to the year 2015. Four friends are getting married between January and June and I get to help with two of them. For one, my family and I have been asked to take the pictures for the wedding and we (especially me) are very excited to help with that. For the other wedding, I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing besides being music consultant and probably playing either piano and/or flute, though not at the same time. 😉

The new year is a time when people make resolutions. Well, I don’t really get into all of that, and I always like being a little different, so I’ll just list some of the goals I have for the coming year.


Some goals for 2015:

  1. Publish at least two novels and one short story. ( More details on that will be posted early next week.) Completed and then some (two novels and three novellas).
  2. Not get stressed out trying to accomplish goal #1. Yes! I did do that!
  3. Have fun helping my friends with their weddings. Who wouldn’t have fun helping with weddings?
  4. Crochet lots of doilies for the wedding in March. Finished with time to spare.
  5. Be more purposeful in my study of God’s Word and in prayer. For the most part, yes, but it is still a work in progress.
  6. Learn how to format my own books and get better at marketing. I am a little better at both, but I guess we’ll see how it goes later in 2016 when I try to format three novellas (ebook only).
  7. Read more non-fiction books than fiction books. I’m really bad at this. I’m still really bad at this. I have too many author friends who want reviews. And they all write fiction. 😦
  8. Be more diligent about practicing piano. So-so on this one.
  9. Survive tax season (I work at an accountants office, but am not an accountant). I survived and don’t have to worry about it this year.
  10. Be more thankful. Yep.

Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2015?