God’s Amazing Grace

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This year as I have been preparing my book for publication, I have learned a lot about God’s grace. It’s amazing how when you are learning something in one area of life, it keeps popping up everywhere. Every sermon you listen to seems to talk about it, every Bible class, a lot of the books you read, all of them seem to talk about the same thing. Do you ever get the feeling that God is trying to hit you over the head with certain lessons sometimes?

Although I didn’t necessarily see it as I went through my year, I have seen it as I look back. The end of December and beginning of January were hard. I had one book I was supposed to be editing and another I was supposed to be writing. And I couldn’t do anything either editing or writing. It was awful. Continue reading


Giveaway time!

book bundle giveawayFirst of all, I need to apologize to the organizers of this blog tour. I was supposed to have this post up at 8:00 this morning and I didn’t. Sorry! Second of all, I have not read most of the books in this bundle and cannot vouch for anything written in them (except mine). Enjoy!

What would you do if you won six great young adult books to add to your Kindle library? If you’d grow giddy with excitement, then you’re in the right place. In celebration of National Library Week, 24 indie authors have teamed together to share their books with four winners, one winner for each bundle of six books. Check out the books below, and then enter the Rafflecopter giveaway to win one of these incredible deals. Continue reading

Creighton Hill Cover Reveal

Today I have the honor of hosting Morgan Huneke to help her reveal her lovely cover for her upcoming book! She also graciously answered three questions about herself. Other bloggers are also a part of this cover reveal tour. Check out the details here.

About the Book

“No one can mysteriously disappear leaving no trace. It isn’t realistic.”

“You’re right, Emily,” her grandfather said thoughtfully. “It isn’t realistic. However, a good many things happen in this world that are not realistic, things supernatural.”

 Emily, Allan, Jill, Joey, and Anna have grown up on their grandfather’s tales of ancestors who mysteriously disappeared from Creighton Hill, the plantation home that has been in their family for centuries. When Grampa’s death forces them to move into Creighton Hill, the truth about the supposed disappearances is the first thing on their minds. Allan, Jill, Joey, and Anna’s, that is. As for Emily, why must they keep at their supernatural hogwash?

Could it be that their family really does just have an unusual history of early deaths? Most people seem to think so. But Grampa’s research has uncovered something different.

When mysterious writing matching descriptions found in ancient accounts begins appearing to the children, they know something’s up. They must find out what really happened to their ancestors, and work together to discover the reason behind the mysterious writings.

Creighton Hill is the first book of the Time Captives trilogy, a tale of faith, family, fantasy, and a fight for truth and freedom.

 Release Date

Creighton Hill, Time Captives book 1, will release on June 8th, 2015. Stay tuned on Morgan’s blog and Facebook page for more information and sneak peeks.

Without further ado, here is the gorgeous cover!

Creighton Hill Cover Front


What is your main goal in your writing? Do you write for pleasure, to reach others, for money?

If I wrote for money, I would have stopped a long time ago. 😉 I write both for pleasure and to reach others. I’ve always loved stories and my mind has always been full of my own fictional people. I love learning their stories, whether I actually write them down or they remain in my head (I’ve lost some good ones by not recording them 😛 ). But I also want to reach people. God gave me a gift of writing, and I ought to use it for Him. Stories are meant to be shared, but there’s more to it than that. I don’t even know how many times I’ve understood something theological because I was able to relate some story to it as an example. I want to be able to supply those examples and teach through fiction (in a natural, non-preachy way). It is my prayer that, even if I never hear about it, at least one person would be inspired by my books to learn more about God and dedicate his or her life to Him.

How would you describe yourself in three sentences or less?

I am a Christian, conservative, politically involved, history loving writer, who is also an aspiring violinist. I am a later-this-month-19-year-old homeschool graduate, and the oldest of three girls. I love to babysit, I make a lot of my own clothes, and I want to do my part to make America a Christian nation once more.

Does your role in your family affect your writing at all?

I’ve never been anything but the oldest, so I don’t know how it would be different if I wasn’t, but I’m sure it has. A lot of my characters tend to be the oldest, though there are times where I give them older siblings because I wish I had some. I can’t really think of any other specifics, but my birth order and the responsibilities that come along with it are a large part of who I am, and that spills over into any characters into which I put some of myself. I don’t know if this has anything to do with family roles, but my youngest sister tortures her characters a lot more than I do mine.


About the Author

Morgan cropped blurred background no highlightMorgan Elizabeth Huneke is a homeschool graduate who lives in Georgia. She has enjoyed creating characters and writing stories since early childhood. Her other interests include reading, playing the piano and violin, and politics. She is the author of Across the Stars and The Experiment.


You can connect with Morgan on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

He is Risen! He is risen, indeed!

Today is the day we celebrate what some call Easter and others call Resurrection Sunday. Some celebrate it for the candy and Easter egg hunts and some celebrate it for the importance of the Resurrection. Why is this holiday so important? I think 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 sums it up very well. (Well, technically the whole chapter sums it up, but I thought doing a shorter passage would be better.)


Now if Christ is preached, that He has been raised from the dead, how do some among you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? 13 But if there is no resurrection of the dead, not even Christ has been raised; 14 and if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain. 15 Moreover we are even found to be false witnesses of God, because we testified against God that He raised Christ, whom He did not raise, if in fact the dead are not raised. 16 For if the dead are not raised, not even Christ has been raised; 17 and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins. 18 Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished. 19 If we have hoped in Christ in this life only, we are of all men most to be pitied.” (1 Corinthians 15:12-19)


Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, we would still be condemned to hell. Since Jesus Christ rose from death to life, we have the hope of eternal life.

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, 26 and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. Do you believe this?'”(John 11:25-26)

Do you believe that Jesus is the resurrection and the life? Without belief in His sacrifice, you cannot go to heaven. Heaven is where God is. God is holy and cannot allow anything even remotely sinful into heaven. Without the covering of Jesus’ blood, you cannot be clean.

And according to the Law, one may almost say, all things are cleansed with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” (Hebrews 9:22)

When He died that first Good Friday, He died for each and every one of you, to pay for YOUR sins. He became the ultimate sacrifice for every human being. If we accept Him, God won’t see all the bad we’ve done, He’ll see us white as snow, washed by the blood of Jesus Christ

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

But there is good news!! As we are celebrating today, we know that Jesus didn’t stay dead. He rose from the dead!

“For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures…” (1 Corinthians 15:3-4)

The tomb is empty!


But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared. And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were perplexed about this, behold, two men suddenly stood near them in dazzling clothing; and as the women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground, the men said to them, “Why do you seek the living One among the dead? He is not here, but He has risen. Remember how He spoke to you while He was still in Galilee, saying that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.” And they remembered His words, and returned from the tomb and reported all these things to the eleven and to all the rest. 10 Now they were Mary Magdalene and Joanna and Mary the mother of James; also the other women with them were telling these things to the apostles.

Can you say with me: “He is risen. He is risen, indeed!”


Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, He’s risen for me.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, He’s risen for you.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, He’s risen for all.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, He’s risen indeed.


Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, He rose to pay my sin.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, He rose to pay for your sin.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, He rose to pay for all sin.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, He rose indeed.

This is one of my favorite Resurrection songs. Please think about the words very carefully as you watch it.