Creighton Hill Release, pt. 1

Creighton Hill Banner

A new friend of mine is releasing her book today and asked if I could be part of her blog tour. I ended up with two blog posts for her tour, so we have a Part 1 post for today, and a Part 2 post on Friday. Today’s is a super fun interview with 10-year-old Joey Hubbard. But first, here’s a bit about the book.

About the Book

Creighton Hill Cover Front“No one can mysteriously disappear leaving no trace. It isn’t realistic.”

“You’re right, Emily,” her grandfather said thoughtfully. “It isn’t realistic. However, a good many things happen in this world that are not realistic, things supernatural.”

Emily, Allan, Jill, Joey, and Anna have grown up on their grandfather’s tales of ancestors who mysteriously disappeared from Creighton Hill, the plantation home that has been in their family for centuries. When Grampa’s death forces them to move into Creighton Hill, the truth about the supposed disappearances is the first thing on their minds. Allan, Jill, Joey, and Anna’s, that is. As for Emily, why must they keep at their supernatural hogwash?

Could it be that their family really does just have an unusual history of early deaths? Most people seem to think so. But Grampa’s research has uncovered something different. Continue reading