Sneak Peeks 2 of 2

Novella Blog Tour

As part of the blog tour I am doing, I thought I would give you a couple of sneak peeks into future novels. Both Lily of the Valley and The Solid Rock will also have three novellas to go with each novel, so if you prefer shorter stories, be on the lookout for them. Today, there is a sneak peek of The Solid Rock. This is barely edited, so please be forgiving of any errors there may be. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


Note: the Prologue beings about 10-12 years before the beginning of the main portion of the book.

Allen Reese. How he hated that name. The man behind the name was even worse. He hated the man almost as much as he hated his own brother. Neither man would take a hint, listen to reason, or think lawlessly even once.

Ross tapped his foot. What was taking them so long? Surely it didn’t take four men an hour to kidnap one person. The doorknob rattled. Finally they were getting somewhere! Ross threw the bolt and swung the door open.

Four men straggled in. Ross looked behind them. “Where’s Allen?”

The leader, a large man with unruly hair and a beard that would have rivaled that of a mountain man stepped forward. “He wasn’t home. We waited for an hour.”

Ross forced himself to be calm. “Where was he?”

“We watched the house from mid-afternoon to the time we broke in. Nobody came or went. He must’ve left in the morning and not come back.”

Ross picked up his hat from the table. “I’ll go to town and ask around. You come and stay close to town.

He strode out of the cabin and mounted his still-saddled his horse. On days a mission was being acted on, he always kept a horse saddled in case his group was compromised and he needed to make a quick getaway.

The ride into town was quick and fueled his anger into strong determination. Cheyenne was little more than a large Cowtown in 1870, but it was growing. They even had a church already. Ho one church thought they could be effective in a wild town with at least five saloons and even wilder men, he had no idea.

He reined his horse in and dismounted in front of the biggest saloon in town. With a pasted on smile, he strode through the batwing doors and looked around for a man with answers. A real smile flitted dangerously to the surface of his mouth at the sight of Allen’s friend, Leland Granger. The man was a successful rancher and the targ

et of more than one rustling operation run by Ross.

Ross winked at a saloon girl as he passed her on his way to Leland’s table. He saw the forced smile on her face and wondered if she realized he was responsible for getting her the job she had.

“May I sit here?” Ross asked as he sat in the chair across from the lithe rancher.

Leland looked up, a slight frown on his face. “Hello, Ross.”

Ross started. “You know me?”

“Only by sight. Someone pointed you out to me one day and said you were Ross and should be kept a close eye on. Or something like that.”

“I hope it was a good reason.”

Leland shrugged.

Ross ignored the glum attitude Leland had. “I’m looking for a man. I hoped to do business with him, but he’s not answering his door. I heard he’s a friend of yours and thought you might know where he’s at and when he’ll be back.”

Leland looked around. “Name?”

“Allen Reese.” Ross tried his best to sound friendly as he said the name.

“Allen left town for a few days. I don’t know why.”

Ross swore. “Any idea when he’ll be back?”

“By Saturday night, I’d guess. He doesn’t like missing a church service for anything if he can help it.”

Ross slapped his thighs and stood up. “Thank you. That’s what I needed to know.” He strode out of the saloon, mounted his horse, and met his men outside town.”

“Colin, Stone, I want you to break into the house again. Wait there until Reese gets there. Jump him and wait until dark to bring him to the cabin. Kit and Shorty, you stick around town with the lowlifes and help them if needed. I’ll be at the cabin.”

He spun his horse around and rode back to the cabin without waiting for a response. They would follow the orders or they would die, and they knew that.


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