Finding Hope In Savannah: a review

Finding Hope in Savannah

About the Book

Elizabeth “Liz” Thompson gave up on her childhood faith when her parents died while on a mission trip. Determined to do her best after an unplanned pregnancy, she makes a life for herself and her child in Boston. Thirteen years of a quiet life are rocked when she witnesses something she shouldn’t and is forced into hiding. She finds refuge in the town of Isle of Hope, Georgia not knowing that the only man she ever loved has made a life for himself there.
Officer Jake Andrews never dreamed he would see his sweet Lizzy again. Forced to leave her, thirteen years before, left him feeling shame and regret. Her arrival brings him hope to dream again and a surprise that will change how he sees his future.
When danger follows her to Georgia, Liz & Jake must learn to trust God and each other to see their way out of the situation.


I have to be honest, when I first started reading this book, I was a bit skeptical. This book is promoted as being Christian and yet the main character is not married, has an almost 13 year old son, and is living with her boyfriend. Now, to be fair, it had been awhile since I’d read the description. If I had read that, I would have probably been less skeptical. A few chapters later, I was hooked.



Liz grew so well throughout the book. Her anger at God was portrayed pretty well, but not over-the-top, and you actually don’t see a lot of it until she thinks back on it toward the end of the book, but I still think it was very well done. Jake. What can I say? He’s not perfect. (YES! Sorry, pet peeve of mine when the hero is so perfect.) He gets angry, he messed up in college, but he’s changed for the better even if his anger still surfaces once in awhile.I love his relationship with his brother, his mom, and Tina.



There are a few times when I didn’t always understand something, but since it’s set in Savannah, Georgia and I live in Wisconsin, I think it’s a culture thing. 🙂



Suspenseful, engaging, humorous, and romantic while still being clean. There were no plotlines that dragged or were dropped. I appreciated how Ms. Wardwell told the story succinctly without selling it short.

Over-all writing quality


There were a few minor typos I found, but nothing that pulled me out of the story. Overall, the quality was very good.



I set it down last night because I needed to do something else and then forced myself not to pick it up again before bed. I set it down this morning because lunch was ready and my family was waiting. If I’d had the choice, I would have read it straight through in one sitting.



I highly recommend this book if you like romantic suspense stories. It’s long enough to get your heart racing, and short enough to read in an afternoon if you don’t get interrupted. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from this author

Note: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.