The results are in…

Thank you to all who voted on my poll last week. I really appreciate the input. After the votes were cast and some discussion with my sister, I have decided on a series title not only for the upcoming trilogy about orphans, but also for the two series’ after that.

The series’ will be titled:

Hymns of the West (mostly all published):                       5 books
Hymns of the West Novellas (mostly all published):      6 books
Orphans of the West Trilogy (coming 2016-2017):         3 books
Soldiers of the West (set in WWI and WWII):                 Undetermined
Treasures of the West Trilogy (set in 2005-2030ish):    3 books

All of the books in each series will be slightly connected as we follow various families introduced in the Hymns of the West novels and novellas throughout history. I am super excited to start research and planning the books and look forward to sharing more about all of these books as I figure out more.

And since I’m working on editing The Solid Rock right now, I’ll leave you with a short excerpt from the prologue. Enjoy!

Very rough mock up that will probably change completely by publication.

Very rough mock up that will probably change completely by publication.

Allen Reese. How he despised that name. The man behind the name was even worse. He loathed the man almost as much as he loathed his own brother. Both men were determined, law-abiding, God-loving men. Just the thought of them made him sick.

Ross tapped his foot. What was taking his men so long? Surely it didn’t take four men an hour to kidnap one person. The doorknob rattled. Finally his men were getting somewhere! Ross threw the bolt and swung the door open.

Four men straggled in. Ross looked behind them. “Where’s Allen?”

The leader, a large man with unruly hair and a beard that would have rivaled that of a mountain man, stepped forward. “He wasn’t home. We waited an hour.”

Ross forced himself to be calm. “Where was he?”

“We watched the house from mid-afternoon to the time we broke in. Nobody came or went. He must’ve left in the morning and not come back.”

Ross picked up his hat from the table. “I’ll go to town and ask around. You come with and stay nearby.”

He strode out of the cabin and mounted his still-saddled his horse. On days a mission was happening, he always kept a horse saddled in case his group was compromised and he needed to make a quick getaway.

The ride into town was quick and fueled his anger into strong determination. Cheyenne was little more than a large cow town in 1870, but it was growing. They even had a church already. How one church thought they could be effective in a wild town with at least five saloons and even wilder men, he had no idea.


10 thoughts on “The results are in…

  1. Raechel says:

    How very exciting! The series titles are all great and I’m looking forward to them! 🙂

  2. Faith Potts says:

    Soldiers of the West definitely sounds like a series I’ll enjoy. 😉 I LOVE the WWII & WWI era. 🙂

    • Faith Blum says:

      Thanks, Faith! I love the Civil War era better, but I like WWI and WWII as well. I’ll just have LOTS of research to do. If you have any suggestions on good books to read about the era, I’d take them. 🙂

      • Faith Potts says:

        Oh, goodness. You shouldn’t have asked me that! LOL. Research wise, I like the Time-Life books. Most of them are available from my library and I was able to purchase one at a used bookstore last summer. Lots of good stuff and plenty of pictures. 😉 “WWII in 500 photographs” is a good one. It’s also Time-Life. (There may be a WWI edition of that one as well but I’m not sure.)
        Recently I’ve discovered (and fallen in love with!) Sarah Sundin’s novels. You may be familiar with those, I don’t know. But they’re great, Christian, WWII novels with clean, sweet romance. And they’re so historically rich I consider it research. 😉

        If I think of anything else that may be beneficial to you, I’ll let you know!

      • Faith Blum says:

        Hey, I asked you for a reason. 😉 Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll have to check them out. I have heard of Sarah Sundin’s novels, but I don’t think I’ve ever read any. Now to go start making a list.

  3. I can’t wait. But was this a typo?

    Treasures of the West Trilogy (2005-2030ish)

  4. Jack says:

    That is so exciting! I Am especially excited about the WWII and WWI books

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