Guess what?

I got my proof copy back yesterday (for the second time) and it was perfect this time! What am I talking about? I’m glad you asked. I’m talking about the paperback collection of novellas I published last summer. Remember these three books?

They are now part of a novella collection called Life and Salvation. And they are being published on Kindle and paperback on in just five days! You may have seen the cover here and there online, but I thought I should share it now here along with the original three covers. Can you catch what I did with the cover?

Life and Salvation_Full2

Life and Salvation is currently on sale for $0.99 until the end of January. That’s the price of just ONE of the novellas! I also ordered paperback copies yesterday, so if you’d like a signed copy, I am selling them for $13.50 (includes shipping and handling).

I have to say, I know I wrote these, but I’ve done so much reading, writing, and editing, I couldn’t remember everything I’d written in these novellas. When I got the first proof copy, I skimmed them again and it was like visiting old friends again. I loved it and I hope you love reading the novellas, too!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my new book and the cover!


8 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Faith Potts says:

    Oh, “Life and Salvation” is really pretty!! I read “I Love Thee” the other night and I need to post a review… πŸ˜‰

  2. Eliza Noel says:

    I like how you blended all the covers together πŸ™‚

  3. kda61 says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful book covers with us. I just bought Life and Salvation and I look forward to reading it.

  4. Raechel says:

    Oh how lovely, Faith! This is very exciting! Congrats πŸ™‚

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