A winning announcement

Here is part of the announcement for the winners of E. Kaiser Write’s blog giveaway. Click on Read More to find out if you won anything.


The birds are shining, the sun is singing, it’s a lovely day…!!!
You know what?

Scratch that.

It’s actually evening; the rain (rare as it is here!) is spattering against the window… (I kind of love rain, always have. There’s a word for that, “pluviophile”. Did you know that? And “petrichor” is the after-rain-smell. Isn’t that just a beautiful sounding word?)

On this soft, rainy evening I find myself alone at my computer, consulting papers with scribblings and diagrams on them, and along with Bilbo I can say with a sigh;
“I’ve put this off for far too long.”

Though, I really couldn’t have given it the proper attention any earlier… and right now, I still feel a little exhausted-into-a-stupor, so you must overlook the lack of vim and vigor in this post!!!

(If you happen to notice any vim and vigor lacking, that is, of course.)

All right!!!

Down to brass tacks.

Once again,

“Win’wing… ‘win’wing is what b’wings us togev’ew to’w’day…”

And we shall cut straight to the chase!!!

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