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I posted a bit about David Millican’s debut novel on Monday, but I’m back with an exciting excerpt and a reposting of the giveaway.


3D_Cover Frontier PreacherHollis started school the next day so he had gone to bed but later James had told him that Cyrus and he had stayed up late into the morning hours praying for guidance from God. Cyrus was gone by the time Hollis’s classes were done for the day, having decided to return home and face the punishment for his actions. Hollis had marveled over James’s capacity for compassion to those who society thought untouchable. And here he was, on a train taking him to continue James’s work and he was already thinking of himself as better than others. He was already bringing shame on James’s name.

Before he was out of time Hollis spoke up to the woman, “I just wanted to thank you again ma’am. It was kinder than I deserved for you to give me the perfume. I just wanted to let you know that Wyoming has not been all that kind to me so far but you have changed that. I hope that wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, God will bless you richly.”

The woman stared at him when he finished speaking. She stared so long that Hollis became uncomfortable and began to think something had gone wrong with her. Then she let out a hard, bitter, bark of a laugh, a single sound that echoed throughout the car with venom and bile.

“Yes, let God bless me in my work. We’ll see how that works out holy man.”

Hollis was stunned. He had offered to pay for the perfume but she had gotten angry at that. He had asked God to bless her and she had gotten angry at that. Maybe he hadn’t been so wrong to look down on her.


About the Author

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David was born and raised in Wyoming then spent his twenties traveling the world. He now spends his time in McKeesport Pennsylvania with his wife Emily. He has been writing since he was a child, enjoying success in the young authors program, local literary magazines, and blogging. You can follow David’s new projects and release dates on his Facebook author page.

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What Reviewers are saying

“Definitely worth reading.“-Amazon Reviewer

“The author makes great use of his setting offering many rich details”-Amazon Reviewer

“I loved the writing and the story. Then [sic] ending is unexpected and inevitable at the same time. “-Goodreads Reviewer


David is offering a 50% discount for the paperback book! To get your copy, go to the Createspace estore and enter this code when you checkout: GYM7ACWX.

From May 27-31, Frontier Preacher will also be on sale for just $1.99. That’s a $3.00 savings!


David Millican Giveaway

Enter to win one of three giveaways! Giveaway #1 is a paperback of Never by J. Grace Pennington and a $15 Amazon gift card. Giveaway #2 is a paperback of Revel Knox by Michael Shank and a $15 Amazon gift card. Giveaway #3 is a personalized notebook from Faith Blum and a $15 Amazon gift card.

To enter the giveaway, please fill out this form. The only required entries are your name and your email address. Everything else is optional.

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One thought on “Frontier Preacher: Excerpt

  1. kda61 says:

    Thank yuou for the chance to enter this giveaway.

    My favorite Preachet is Keith Blake. He became my pastor when we visited his church Bowie Street Baptist Church in San Angelo, Texas. I like his preaching style and our family has been drawn close tyo his not only becase my siblings are friends with his children but because my entire family received salvation under his ministry.

    Bro. Blake and his wife are currently living in Tulsa, TX.

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