Heaven’s Jubilee

I meant to write this post on Saturday or Sunday, but it didn’t happen. So now I’m writing it today instead after accidentally posting a teaser this morning (which no longer exists). I’m excited to announce that my Science Fiction/Futuristic short story collection is now published! And the paperback version is coming soon! I ordered my proof copy on Friday and it shipped on Friday. 😀

What’s this collection about? Well, first, here’s the full cover:

HJ_Full Cover

Since some of my friends have been a little surprised at my drifting into a very different genre, I should probably tell you all why I did so. A few months ago, a friend of mine announced that they were taking submissions for the Space Kitties Anthology 2. I actually got an idea to write one that is a Star Trek fanfic/spoof/thing. So I wrote it and submitted it. Since I had only dabbled in writing science fiction, I didn’t expect to win. When I got the email saying that I as one of the winners, I was shocked!

Since I have a short story in the Science Fiction genre being published on June 1st in the Space Kitties anthology, I decided to go through my dabblings in Science Fiction and edited and expanded them. Then I wrote one other for the title story so it would be a little longer and so I could still have all my books with hymn titles.

Heaven's Jubilee_Front CoverIf you would like a paperback copy, please email me (or use the contact form to the left) with your address and the number of copies you would like. It will be $5.00 plus shipping and should be available in about two weeks unless something is wrong with the proof copy.

If you are more of an eBook person, you can get the Kindle version here. Or if you promise to write a review on Amazon by the end of June, you can get a free Kindle or PDF copy. Just email me if you are interested.

I didn’t intend for this post to be so long. I hope you all don’t mind. Be on the lookout in the next few days as I announce the release of the Space Kitties Anthology 2 and a pawsitively meowsome Facebook party.

Here’s a little teaser for you of one of the stories:

“Prisoner 473!”

I jerked my attention to the three men sitting in front of me.

“Very good. You are already responding to your designation.” Mr. Croix’s voice had a calculating tone to it. “Why do you follow the teachings of The Way?”

An easy question. Good. “Yahweh led my heart to trust the words written in The Book, and once I heard the Good News, I could do no less than follow the Master.”

“Who told you about The Way?”

I swallowed. We had code names, but I knew the code name would never do for Mr. Croix or his cronies. “A good friend.”

“What’s his name?”

I kept my mouth shut. Mr. Croix pushed a button on the table.


2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Jubilee

  1. kda61 says:

    I’m hooked. I want to read more. Congratulations on your new release!

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