Tips on Promoting Your Books, part 1

An author friend recently asked me for advice on promoting books on promotion websites. As I wrote up my response to her, I thought, What about other authors? Could they possibly benefit from this advice as well? So, I decided to write up a blog post with some of my tips on promoting your books. This will expand on the advice I gave my friend as well as adding in a few other areas. And then, the link to this post will be added to my page For Authors.

My book is ready to publish, now what?

One of the best ways I have found to promote my books right pre-publication and shortly after publication is to do a blog tour. Not only will you be more likely to get a good number of reviews (which will help in future promotions), but it also gets the word about your book out to audiences you may not be able to reach any other way.

I didn’t do a blog tour for one of my recent releases and am regretting that decision. I could still do one, though, even though it has been almost a month, so blog tours can be done whenever. A friend of mine recently did a blog tour for a book she had released in 2011. She had a free promo of the book going on at the time and used that as the launch point for the tour. If you are unsure of what a blog tour is, you can see this blog post which is the first one for a blog tour I organized. If you would prefer to have someone else organize your tour for you at least the first time, there are three options listed on my For Authors blog page.

My book is published, now what?

Good question. First, if this is your first book, my main advice is to keep writing. Publish another book or two, especially if it’s a series before you do much promoting on promo sites. At this point, your best friends will be twitter, Facebook, Facebook groups, talking to friends, and word of mouth. Don’t push your books too much, but just keep it out there for people to find.

Once you have a couple of published books and at least 5 reviews on your first book, you can start submitting your book to promotion websites. If you’re like most authors, you are short on money, so I have a list of websites that provide promotional services. Some are free, some are expensive, and some are in between. Before you go too gung-ho, though, make sure you read the guidelines on each site as some require 3 reviews and an average of 4.0 stars. Others require more and still others are okay with a lower star average. Some also only take certain genres, so be aware of that. In addition, I haven’t gone through the list recently, so there may be some that are now under the wrong category as they have changed.

This blog post is already getting pretty long, so I’ll stop here for now. Come back next week for some tips on deciding what price to discount your book at and how to get into the big sites like Ereader News Today and BookBub.



3 thoughts on “Tips on Promoting Your Books, part 1

  1. Claire B. says:

    Thanks for the list of promo sites! I’ll have to take a look through it. 🙂

  2. […] week, I wrote some tips on how to decide when to promote your books and a few ways to do so. This week, we’ll go […]

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