Tips on Promoting Your Books, part 2

┬áLast week, I wrote some tips on how to decide when to promote your books and a few ways to do so. This week, we’ll go through a tips on deciding what price, how to get into the big sites, and more. If you need any help in your publication process, check out my page For Authors or send me an email. If I don’t know the answer, I probably know someone who does.

Choosing the discount

If you are new to book promotions, this may sound backwards, but if you have more than one book published, the best way to promote it, get more reviews, and promote your other books, is to put one book on sale for free and then promote it heavily. It works, trust me. If you are going to do this, though, I suggest you leave your other books full price. That way you should easily earn back any money you spend to promote the book and then some.

If you have published only one book and sales have stagnated, keep writing and editing the next book and then run a Kindle Countdown. But please don’t make a rookie mistake and only discount it to $1.99. I highly recommend doing a 1 price increment change starting at $0.99. It might not make as much money for you per book, but you’ll get more sales which will get you more money. $1.99 seems to be the dead price for books. People are more willing to spend $0.99 or $2.99 than $1.99 on an eBook. Continue reading