Thankfulness Challenge, Day 11


I am going to do a short post each day this month as part of a self-inflicted 30 Days of Thanks Challenge. I encourage you to do the same. Feel free to nab the picture or make your own. If you can’t get this picture, but want to use it, send me an email and I’ll get it to you ASAP.

Day Eleven


Today is Veteran’s Day. A day of remembrance to those who have served in our nation’s military. In honor of Veteran’s day, my post will be one for all Veterans.

I want to thank all the Veterans of the past and present.Because of you, we can live in a free country. You have defended us, protected us, and kept us safe. Your sacrifice may not be appreciated by all, but it is appreciated by me. Thank you for your service and may God bless you.


Have you taken up the challenge? It’s never too late to join in.







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