The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction: A Review



If you are a Christian author or wannabe author, I recommend this book. Note: I read the edition published in 2009 and believe there is an updated version now.

Clarity: .5/1

Jeff Gerke did a good job at making all his points easy to understand. The main issue I had was the constant movie and TV show references to make his points clearer. I did not know many of them and there were times he didn’t explain the movie or show or scene well enough to understand his extra explanation.

Usability: 1/1

There are many pointers he gave and tips he told that were helpful and I have begun implementing some of them in my writing.

Readability: .5/1

The formatting was well done and easy to read. Some of the references to his books were no longer valid due to the resources no longer being in print. That may be due to the edition I had, but it was still aggravating since one in particular sounded very helpful.

Overall Writing Quality: .75/1

Jeff Gerke had an engaging writing style that was easy to follow. He did repeat himself a few times, but overall it was well written.

Un-put-down-ability: .5/1

The movie/TV show references frustrated me a lot. Because of that, the book was easy to put down. A few sections in the middle had little to no references, and at that point was harder to put down.

Conclusion: 3.25/5

As Jeff said himself, each writing instructor has different “rules” to follow and you have to pick and choose what works best for you. Jeff had some good rules and suggestions, but I personally disagreed with some of them. That being said–and even with my other critiques–I believe every Christian writer and aspiring writer should read this book.


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