Another Year is Dawning


Last year about this time, I made 10 goals for 2016. This year I have a few more. But first let me share with you how last year went.

  1. Publish two novella collections, three novellas, and two novels. (One collection, three novellas, and one novel were published as well as a few short stories. The second collection and novel will be published in January and February, Lord willing.)
  2. Read at least half of the writing books I own. (Not quite, but close)
  3. Be more conscientious of the time I waste on the computer.(Yes)
  4. Finish the study of Revelation. (Yes)
  5. Read through the Bible in a year. (I missed too many days and couldn’t quite make it. I hope to finish sometime this year though.)
  6. Learn at least one new classical song on the piano. (I did learn Schubert’s Impromptu op. 142 #3, but it isn’t quite polished yet).
  7. Be better about responding to emails. (Yes, mostly).
  8. Finish the sewing projects I’ve put off, including my quilted dress. (Eh, not so much. And the quilted dress has been changed to a skirt, and still isn’t finished).
  9. Write at least one informational blog post every other month. (I believe I did manage to do this one).
  10. Keep on top of the church activities I am involved in. (Mostly).

Perusing that, I appear to have accomplished about half of my goals which I think is great considering I had a few curve balls thrown to me this year.

So now on to my 2017 goals. I’ve organized them a little differently because it works better for me, but here they are.


  • Publish 4 novels and 1 novella
  • Research World War One, Bible Times (especially Kings David and Solomon)
  • Start outlining Fairy Tale Re-tellings and WWI novels
  • Do better at planning marketing strategiescat-1845787_1280


  • Learn 2 classical pieces (Brahms’s Rhapsody in G minor and another one not yet picked)
  • Arrange Carol of the Bells
  • Practice at least 2-3 times per week

T-Tapp (an exercise program):

  • Do Healthy Hormones at least twice a week
  • Do Stepping Away the Inches 1 or more times per week


  • Keep up with mending
  • Finish quilted skirt
  • Sew other clothing items with material already bought


  • Finish fixing blanket for church member
  • Finish Cardigan
  • Learn Amazon Marketing Services
  • Learn Book Review Targeter
  • Finish the BSF study of John
  • Read through Titus every day for at least 2 months
  • Memorize the book of Titus

Phew! It’s a good thing I know some of those won’t take long, otherwise I’d get rather overwhelmed. I do have some reading goals as well, but those will be posted on January 2nd when I talk about making Reading Resolutions!

Do you have any goals this year?






2 thoughts on “Another Year is Dawning

  1. Polaris says:

    Fairy Tale Re-tellings!!!!! WoooHooo!!!!! XD
    Did you get the idea for reading through Titus every day for at least 2 months/Memorizing the book of Titus from Pastor MacArthur? I have done that before (Pastor MacArthur’s plan for reading the Bible) but with 1 John! It was AWESOME!

    • Faith Blum says:

      Yep. A kind of secret project of mine that isn’t so secret any more. But it’s also still very much in the developmental stages.
      I did, actually! Very cool. I’ve kind of done it before with another book (can’t remember which one), but didn’t do it very well. This time I’m hoping to stick to it more.

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