Reading Resolutions


This is the time of year when people make New Year’s Resolutions. Some of them are realistic and some aren’t. Some you can keep for a couple months, some for a day or two. Some are for some really weird things. But have you ever made a resolution to read a certain number of books the next year?

I can see you now. You’re jaw on the floor, a look of shock on your face. “A resolution to read books? Why would you do that?” you ask. “I already know I’ll read books, so why make goals and resolutions for that?”

I am so glad you asked! There are a few reasons I can think of now, but if you know of more, feel free to leave a comment with those reasons.

Reason #1:

shelf-159852_1280Reading Resolutions/Goals can give you a particular number to aim for. These can either be big picture goals (250 books per year), smaller goals (2.5 books per week), or somewhere in between (25 books per month). That is totally up to you and what you think will work best for you.

Reason #2:

Reading Resolutions/Goals can help you decide which books to read. If there are specific books you want to read, you can make goals or resolutions to do those books. Maybe something like, “Read 50 Indie published books, 50 Traditionally published, and 50 non-fiction books.” Or, “Read at least half of the writing books I own” (Yes, that was one of my goals for 2016).

Reason #3

Reading Resolutions/Goals can motivate you to read. Especially if you are goals oriented like me. I didn’t quite make my goal of reading 1/2 the writing books I own, but I did come close because I remembered the goal in October and made more specific goals on how to read at least a few of them.

And there you have a few reasons why you should make some reading resolutions and/or goals. Here is my list of writing goals for 2017:

  • Read at least 75 books
  • Keep up with reviewing the books I read
  • Beta-read at least 3 books for other authors
  • Read at least 10 writing books
  • Focus more on non-fiction books than fiction

What are your reading goals for this year? I’d love to hear them!


6 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions

  1. Kate Willis says:

    Wow, awesome goals! I’m getting ready to write mine out soon. 😉

  2. Onisha Ellis says:

    Those are some ambitious goals but I have confidence you will achieve them! Reading goals are the best because they impact most aspects of life.

  3. Debbie Brown says:

    I like the idea of having reading goals…I think I will try this!

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