2 Pieces of Writing Advice

Today’s post in the countdown is to share 2 pieces of writing advice. Unlike the last post, this one will be rather short. But hopefully you find some of it helpful.

#1: Never stop reading

Day 2Fiction, non-fiction, whatever you want to read, but especially your Bible. Reading can give you ideas for a plot, style, and so much more. Reading your Bible can help you stay focused on what is most important: God.

#2: Never stop writing

Even on the tough days, write a few words. A few notes on a story, a sentence or two in your book. It all adds up in the ends and makes sure the creativity doesn’t wane.

Did you find either of these helpful? What advice would you give to a budding author? How about to one who is experienced?

Quote Trail

If you visit each blog, you will find three words on each and when you put them all together, it creates an entire quote. Once you gather the full quote, you can put it in the correct spot in the giveaway widget for another entry.

Here is my part of today’s quote: new things familiar

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7 thoughts on “2 Pieces of Writing Advice

  1. Raechel says:

    Great pieces of advice, Faith! I agree – especially with #1!

  2. Rebekah A. Morris says:

    Such true advice! To be a good writer you must read and you must write.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Both of these are so good! I need to get better at writing a little on my WIP every day. 🙂

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