AFSiJ Finale

(I apologize for the formatting. For some reason, the blog site does not want to put paragraph breaks where I tell them to go and I don’t know anything about html, so I can’t fix it.)
Finale Questions
Did you reach your goal?
I reached my writing goal, but not the editing goal. That being said, I am hoping that I can get the editing done this week.
What was the most difficult part of finishing something this July?
I had too much going on in July. 😛 It wasn’t until the last week of July that I actually had some time to write.
Did you maintain a writing schedule? How often did you write to meet your goal?

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AFSiJ Week Four


Don’t forget to check out my rafflecopter giveaway and the Kindle Countdown is still going strong. I’ve sold 8 books so far and the price will go back up to the normal price again in 2 days and 19 1/2 hours. And now on to this week’s AFSiJ questions.

How goes progress?
Amazing! Last week, I was beginning to think I would totally fail both goals, but this week, I was able to do an amazing amount of writing and the end is in sight. Editing, not so much. I didn’t get any done and I’ve decided to drop that goal.
Snippet-time! Share a snippet or two from your weekly writing.

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AFSiJ week three



Week Three Questions


Were you able to meet your goal this week?

My editing almost made it. If it hadn’t been for packing to go camping, I would have made it. My writing did though, because I was able to bring that with me.  🙂

Where did you get the bulk of your writing accomplished? In the quiet of your room, outside on the patio, on the bus?

In my bedroom and in the tent on our vacation.

Share a couple of your favorite snippets!

Well, I ain’t going ta ask him, so you may’s well tell me.”
Rachel crossed her arms. “And if I don’t?”
“Then you’ll find a frog or worm in your lunch,” he threatened.
“What is your name?” Rachel asked.
“Tobias Whetherford Ramsey, III,” he answered with a haughty tone.
“Well, Toby, I dare you to put a frog or worm in my lunch box,” Rachel said. “You won’t hear me scream when I see it and I might just find something else to put into yours.” Rachel gave a sharp nod and turned on her heel.

Have you introduced a new character into your story? Tell us about his personality. 

Yes, actually I have. He’s introduced in the snippet above. Tobias Whetherford Ramsey, III. He is an arrogant young man who likes things his way and only his way. If he doesn’t get his way, his anger takes over. He is a bully at school and loves to torment people. Oh, and he hates being called “Toby”.

List the favorite foods of your main characters.

Steak and potatoes. I just wrote about it today.

Introduce us to the antagonist in your story and tell us about one of his or her quirks.

Mrs. Morgan is one of the antagonists in both books. She is the church busybody who likes things done just right and refuses to take no for an answer. Her worst quirk is taking things that happen and twisting them to her own advantage.

AFSiJ Week Two (plus a giveaway)


Week Two Questions

1) Were you able to reach your weekly goal?  

I didn’t have a specific weekly goal, but I was able to get some writing done on “Amazing Grace” and have the prologue edited for “Be Thou My Vision”.  Considering VBS was this week and I was exhausted and brain dead by noon, I think I did pretty good.  What I won’t mention is the fact that most of my writing and editing was done on Saturday and Sunday.

2) Is this challenge encouraging you to write more often?

Yes.  I probably wouldn’t have even gotten as much done as I did if it wasn’t for this challenge and another challenge.

3) At what time of the day did you accomplish most of your writing? 

Between five and six-thirty in the morning.  Also between seven and nine in the evening.

4) Which musical tracks do you listen to most while writing? 

My three Pandora shuffle stations: Steve Green, Soundtracks, and Classical.

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Actually Finishing Something [in] July (AFSiJ): Week One



I desperately need this challenge this month.  July is the craziest month of my summer and I think this could be one of the ways I actually get something done.  So, thank you very, very, very much Katie!  But, before I get to the questions, I do have one announcement.

I have an author newsletter!

To find out the latest information and updates about my writing, sign up for my newsletter on my website.   In the next month or less, I plan on revealing my book cover on my first newsletter, so if you want to see it, you have to sign up to receive it.

Week One Questions

What is your writing goal?

 I actually have two:

1. Get through all the beta-readers edits for “Be Thou My Vision” by August 1st.

2. Get to the 58,000 word mark in “Amazing Grace” (or the end of the book, whichever comes first). This means writing just over 37,000 words between now and August 1st.

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