Christmas in July, part two

Good morning, blog readers! I’m excited to talk to you again today. I know I’ve posted quite a bit this month. It’s unusual, but it’s been fun. Today, though, I have some exciting news! Not only do I have a mega-sale going on specially for the Christmas in July event, but I also have a book announcement to make! First, the sale. Continue reading


Christmas in July!!

Christmas in July Blog Party! For Unto Us

I neglected to tell my faithful blog followers something. But I’m rectifying that now. Not only that, but I have a fun event to share with you as well. Various authors have banded together for a massive Christmas in July Blog Party. To see the giveaways and sales from each author and enter the main giveaway, check the end of this post.

A belated announcement

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How Great our Joy, part three

Part three of my Christmas story. If you haven’t read part one and part two, please do so before reading this section.

How Great our Joy

The Halberg’s spent the next few hours in prayer as other people drifted in and out waiting for their own family members and then leaving to visit their injured.

Three hours after arriving, a doctor came in. “Are you Virginia Halberg’s family?”

Mr. Halberg stood. “Yes, we are.” He looked around the room. No one else was there.

“Won’t you please sit back down?” the doctor asked. “I’m Doctor Rodgers.” When they were all seated, he spoke again, “We did everything we could, but the bullet must have ricocheted. When it entered her body, it went in multiply places, including a piece that lodged an eighth of an inch from her heart. I left that one for last, but by then, she was gone. I’m sorry. The only consolation I can give you is that she died with a smile on her face. I’m not sure why…”

Margaret beamed. “That would be because she saw Jesus.”

Doctor Rodgers jerked his head her direction. “What?” Continue reading

How Great our Joy, part two

Part two of my Christmas story. If you haven’t read part one, please do so before reading this section.

How Great our Joy

“Margaret, where is your sister?”

Margaret’s eyes grew wide as she looked around her, then back at her father. “I thought she went to find you.”

Margaret’s parents exchanged a frightened glance. “Let’s stay together to find her.”

They pushed their way through the crowded street. The Christmas Bazaar was especially crowded this year because of the unusually warm weather and the decision to move it outside. Continue reading

How Great our Joy, part one

Today, Wednesday, and Friday, I am posting three parts of a short story I wrote for Christmas. It’s a very different type of Christmas story, but I hope you enjoy it.

How Great our Joy!

How Great our Joy

Christmas. A time for family, food, and fun. But what happens when tragedy strikes?

Ginny ran as fast as her small legs could carry her. Why had she left her parents and sister to look at the silver ornaments? She scraped her hands and knees on the ground as the man chasing her landed on top of her with a thud. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. Continue reading

The Christmas Calamity

The Christmas Calamity

The Christmas Calamity Cover lr

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Do you like phantasmagorical books? What about ones about teachers? Or perhaps you like bankers? Oh, and did I mention big words? You’ve come to the right place, Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and prepare to be amazed.

Characters: 1/1

Alexandra is a colorful character with insecurities and creativity. Arlan was introduced in the previous two books and the quiet, sometimes uptight banker stole my heart in this book. As they work out their differences and fall in love, they each grow as a person. Continue reading

The Christmas Token

The Christmas Token

The Christmas Token Cover bn

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Ginny and Blake have been in love since they were teenagers. Then Ginny moved away and has never been back. Until now. And she brings danger with her. Will Ginny and Blake be able to move past their differences in time to save Ginny from a desperate man?

Characters: 1/1

To put it plainly, Ginny is a spoiled brat and Blake is the consummate gentleman. At first. Then Ginny starts to really grow up into an accomplished young woman with ambitions.

Blake was hurt deeply when Ginny left and didn’t write a single letter back to him so many years back. When she returns and the feelings he buried so deep start to work to the surface, he is faced with decisions and sometimes they aren’t the right ones.

Dialogue: .75/1

The dialogue fit the characters. Although, when it was first mentioned that Blake’s parents are from England and that Blake has a slight accent, I would have never guessed it. A few Briticisms may have helped that some. As with The Christmas Bargain, there was a little more heat than I cared for.

Plot/Storyline: .75/1

Overall, the plot and storyline were good. There was more heat than I found comfortable, but it never progressed further (on screen) than some heated kisses.

Overall writing quality: .75/1

The editing appeared better in The Christmas Token than it was in The Christmas Bargain, but there were still a few typos. Overall, though, the quality was very good.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1

Shanna has a talent for writing books you can’t put down. This one didn’t disappoint.

Conclusion: 4.25/5

Again, the heat level was more than I cared for, but still what would usually be considered clean. If you like suspenseful Christmas romance, you’ll enjoy this book.


Note: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.