Five Enchanted Roses: A Review

Five Enchanted Roses

Recommended Age: 13 & up for mild violence and magical elements

Rating: 3.4/5

Overall, the stories were very well done. The elements of the original fairy tale were mostly there with some unique variations in each. There were a few things in most of the stories that irked me some and I will go into more detail about those in the individual reviews. For the most part, I did like the book and it was fairly clear of errors. Since I had an Advanced Reader Copy, I am going to go under the assumption that the few errors I saw are not in the final copy.

I have always loved the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. I even considered entering the contest for this book, but didn’t get my story done in time and it still needed a lot of research before I could finish it. When the opportunity came up to review this book, therefore, I jumped at the chance. In some ways I was thrilled as I read and in others I was disappointed as I read. The reasons will be explained in each individual review. Continue reading