2 facts about tomorrow: First, I turn a year older tomorrow. This is both exciting and a little frightening at the same time. I am coming ever closer to turning a quarter of a century old. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s a frightening thought. I know, for those of you who are older than 25, that sounds like I’m a spring chicken. But for me, it’s a little scarier. Do you remember when you were getting close to 25? We each go through phases like this. BTMV promo pb and kSecond, my second book is being released to the general public. Today is the last day the Kindle version will be available for preorder and also the last day it will be available for only $0.99 (until I do another promo). Tomorrow the book will be available for purchase and have a higher price tag. If you want to read the book for a cheaper price buy it now. I also have my proof copy for the paperback in my possession. It looks gorgeous! And I just read through it all yesterday (I know, I’m bad) and there were just four minor issues. Once those are resolved early this week, I’ll be able approve the proof and it will be available to order shortly after that. In other words, if you preorder your autographed copy, I’ll be able to ship the book to you absolutely no later than the week before Thanksgiving!  Autographed copies are just $10.00 + shipping. This blog post is set up in 2’s, 4’s, and 24’s. I think you can probably guess why. 😉 Continue reading


Week Four Questions


How goes progress?

 I am very pleased with my progress. Both stories are coming along steadily and I am becoming more convinced that the time line I have set will truly work.

Snippet-time! Share a snip or two from your weekly writing.

I picked up the dishes from the table and started washing them. I scrubbed them more forcefully than was necessary, but Caleb was in the barn fixing some of the tack, so I was safe from his observation.

‘I don’t think the finish will come off that plate if you just use a dishrag and your hand,’ Caleb’s voice said right next to me.”

I jumped. I had been so absorbed in not thinking that I hadn’t heard him come in. I put my right hand to my heart. ‘Caleb! You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that!’”~Be Thou My Vision

 “Four against one. Pretty good odds, though I still have the advantage. I know I’m coming and they don’t.

“He picketed his horses just on the other side of the hill and sat at the top of the hill to observe. If there was one thing he had learned in his life, it was to wait for his opportunities.

Jed quietly observed the camp until night began to fall. He took his pistol and rifle and worked his way rapidly down the hill, staying in the shadows. Two of the men broke from the camp to get water and wood for the night, just as Jed had hoped would happen. He followed the two men until one man started to break away from the other. Jed made a quick decision.”~A Mighty Fortress

Do you have a Pinterest inspiration board, or other

collection of images, that inspire your story? If so, share one or two of them with us.

 No, I do not have a collection of images.

How would the main character of your story react if he or she were introduced to you?

 Hmm, does he know that I am his author? For Joshua in A Mighty Fortress, if he knew I was writing his story, he would probably be a little wary, but good natured about it. If he didn’t know, he would react the same he reacts to meeting anyone new. With a smile, open and friendly.

 Anna from Be Thou My Vision would try to be friendly, but still be wary. Not many people talk to her, so having someone single her out would be a little nerve-wracking for her. Whether she knew I was writing her story or not.

Introduce us to one or two of the secondary characters in your story. 

 A Mighty Fortress: Ruth Brookings is an important secondary character. She is a timid fifteen year old young lady who prefers being inside rather than outside. She loves God and trusts in him through the easy and hard times. Ruth is the one who helps keep Joshua sane while they are alone in the wilderness and Joshua does the same for her.

 Be Thou My Vision: Pastor Miles Jenkins is a widower with two young boys, one of whom is mute. Miles works hard as the Pastor of his small community and wishes and prays that he could have more time for his sons. He is a powerful man of God and is a blessing to his community. Many church members are convinced that he is in desperate need of a wife and try to match him up, but he will have none of it. He tells them, many times, that he will know when the right woman shows up.

We’re nearing the end of this summer challenge! Is the completion of your goal in sight?

 Yes, it is! I am already well on my way to finishing my edits on Chapters 15-20. When those are done, I will have finished my goal for A Mighty Fortress. Last week, I surpassed the 50,000 word mark making A Mighty Fortress novel-length instead of novella-length. I am getting excited about the prospects of having A Mighty Fortress published sometime in early December. To keep up with some of the more daily updates, please visit my facebook page for the Hymns of the West series:

 I have also been able to write at least 1,000 words (usually much more) in Be Thou My Vision. Be Thou My Vision is now up to 13,984 words and about five and half chapters.

Stay tuned later this week when I post the book cover reveal for A Mighty Fortress. I am very happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to share it with you.