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AtAF_Cover_KindleAs The Ash Fell
by AJ Powers

Taking care of ten kids was the last thing Clay Whitaker expected by his twentieth birthday. Then again, after acclimating to the volatile nature of life in the Texan frozen wastelands, he’s not surprised by much anymore. That is, until he meets Kelsey Lambert. Now, with a brutal winter rolling in earlier than ever, Clay must swiftly adapt to the changes in his life to ensure the safety of those he cares about. Continue reading


God’s Amazing Grace

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This year as I have been preparing my book for publication, I have learned a lot about God’s grace. It’s amazing how when you are learning something in one area of life, it keeps popping up everywhere. Every sermon you listen to seems to talk about it, every Bible class, a lot of the books you read, all of them seem to talk about the same thing. Do you ever get the feeling that God is trying to hit you over the head with certain lessons sometimes?

Although I didn’t necessarily see it as I went through my year, I have seen it as I look back. The end of December and beginning of January were hard. I had one book I was supposed to be editing and another I was supposed to be writing. And I couldn’t do anything either editing or writing. It was awful. Continue reading

Another sneak peek

Today’s blog tour stop is at Valerie Howard’s blog and is another sneak peek. Go over to the Pen Help blog to read about Anna meeting up with an old school mate.

And thank you to all who have entered the giveaway. Make sure you tell people about the giveaway. The more the merrier! 😀

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Stop #3: Excerpt with Onisha Ellis

On stop #3 today, we go over to Onisha Ellis’ blog and share an excerpt. This scene was really fun to write, mainly because the boy is mute and Anna doesn’t know that at first. Go over to Onisha’s blog to find out how she reacts.

BTMV excerpt PromoAnd make sure you enter the giveaway. There is only one entry so far, so your chances of winning are very high. 😀

Cover Reveal and Giveaway

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Today is the day! If you saw my post from last Wednesday, you will know that I my Book Cover Reveal Blog Tour starts today. First, I want to thank the eight bloggers who kindly signed up to be part of my blog tour. I couldn’t do this without you.

Through this coming week, there will be sneak peeks, author interviews, and guest posts on various topics. On the respective date, I will update the following schedule with a direct link to the blog post (the links are currently just to the blogs home page). And don’t forget to enter the exciting giveaway and preorder Be Thou My Vision. Continue reading

And the winner is…

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The Western Roundup Giveaway is over. I had fun reading all the comments about favorite western books and authors. Thank you to all who participated.

Now, I’m going to torture you all a little bit before I reveal the winner. First I have another giveaway to announce, plus I’d like to tell you how to get a free ebook of A Mighty Fortress. Continue reading

AFSiJ Week Four


Don’t forget to check out my rafflecopter giveaway and the Kindle Countdown is still going strong. I’ve sold 8 books so far and the price will go back up to the normal price again in 2 days and 19 1/2 hours. And now on to this week’s AFSiJ questions.

How goes progress?
Amazing! Last week, I was beginning to think I would totally fail both goals, but this week, I was able to do an amazing amount of writing and the end is in sight. Editing, not so much. I didn’t get any done and I’ve decided to drop that goal.
Snippet-time! Share a snippet or two from your weekly writing.

Continue reading

Reunion: A short story

This short story was inspired in part by a challenge I gave (and did myself) on the Holy Worlds writing forum. The challenge was to write a short story of less than 1,000 words about love without ever using the word love. It was also inspired, as I mentioned on Thursday, by Rebekah Lyn’s book Jessie, but since anything I say about how her book inspired my story would be giving away some big spoilers, I’ll just say that if you read Rebekah’s book, you’ll understand.

Reunion story cover

My heart pounded and my palms started to sweat at the sight of him. It had been months since we had last seen each other. My first sight of him was from across the room. I was in one corner and he was in another. The room was packed with people and I knew I would never be able to reach him. Continue reading

Character Interview: John Jenkins

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Quick update: I wrote 3,241 words in Be Thou My Vision todayAt the end of the interview is a short excerpt from today’s writing.  And now for the interview with John Jenkins.  If you have any further questions about or for John, please feel free to ask them.

John Jenkins
Tertiary Main Character in Be Thou My Vision a Christian Western
Hair: Black, starting to get a little long, wavy
Eyes: Jade green
Height: 4’ 9”
Complexion: tanned and freckled
Features: button nose, mischievous mouth
Age: 10

John is a good Pastor’s son when he wants to be. Other times, he isn’t. He is always getting his younger brother into trouble, but he always gets him out of trouble again. He is very protective of his brother, who is mute. He knows his dad is very busy and tries to help out as much as possible.

Why does he get his brother into trouble, only to get him out again?

Because he is a mischievous boy and his brother follows him almost everywhere.

What memories does he have of his mother?

Mostly good memories. She was a very loving woman and took care of her children well. The only bad memory is standing at her funeral looking at her casket.

Who does he respect most in the world?

His father. He was old enough when his mother died to remember what his father went through after her death. He has seen his father in the best of times as well as the worst of times and has witnessed his faith and dependence on God.

Does he ever get his father into trouble with other people by his mischief? If he does, what is his father’s reaction to it, and what is his own reaction to it?

Occasionally he will, but it is never terribly serious trouble. His father punishes him and John is usually pretty good about taking the punishment.

Does he have much work to do? How does he like work?

Not really. His father has some chores for each of the boys to do, but there isn’t much he can do.

How much morals and Christianity have become a part of him through his father being a minister, and what does he think about spiritual things?

Because he lost his mother so young, he had two choices, hate God for taking her or lean on God to bring him through. With his father’s witness, he chose the latter. He is a very passionate Christian.


Mrs. Wilkinson looked up at me with disdain.  “You are the problem.  Until just a few months ago, you were a hermit.  You rarely came to town and when you did, it wasn’t to be friendly or to make friends.  In fact, you seemed to shun everybody who tried to be friendly with you.  Now, you are suddenly coming to church and making friends with everybody: John, James, Pastor Jenkins, the butcher’s wife, that new woman Wilma, and who knows who else.”  She stopped to catch her breath.  “As far as I can tell, you aren’t even a Christian and you are just going to corrupt all these good people who are Christians and have gone to church their whole lives.” As she finished, the look in her eyes changed from disdain to a challenge.
My quick temper flared up briefly as I stood there, dumbfounded and speechless.  I had no argument to defend myself with.  Anything I said for myself would be considered prideful and would be counter productive.  As my brain processed this information, a young voice piped into the conversation and I became aware of the crowd of people near us.
“Begging your pardon, Mrs. Wilkinson, but Miss Stuart is a Christian.  She has been for a couple of months now.  She is friends with people now because Jesus changed her heart and mind.  I think she’s always been friendly, but she hid it for awhile because she didn’t feel worth of having friends and no one was friendly to her.”  John’s eyes blazed with righteous anger.  “And she most definitely ain…isn’t corrupting anybody.  If anything, she’s helped James and me get more uncorrupt than before by encouraging us in productive things instead of what we were doing before.”
John gave me a quick glance and I tried to smile at him.  “Pa’s said a few times now that he’s learned things from her that helped him, too.  I don’t know about the butcher’s wife or Mrs. Wilma, but have you seen any supposed to be Christians talking to either of them?  I know I haven’t.  And why not?  Just because the butcher married a black woman?  Or just because Mrs. Wilma’s new, don’t mean she can’t be associated with.  Miss Stuart’s acted more like a Christian these last couple of months than I’ve seen any of you do in the last couple of years.”  When he was finished, he spread his legs apart and crossed his arms across his chest, defying anybody to refute what he said.
Mrs. Wilkinson stared at John as did I.  As we stared at the ten year old philosopher, I heard someone start clapping.  I looked up and saw that the crowd had grown bigger.

Character Interview-Miles Jenkins

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Before I get on with the interview, I just want to remind you that tomorrow, March 15th, the Kindle version of A Mighty Fortress will be $0.99.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it and don’t want to spend a lot of money, pick it up tomorrow.  And now for the interview with Pastor Miles Jenkins.  If you have any further questions about or for Pastor Jenkins, please feel free to ask them.  🙂

Pastor Miles Jenkins
Secondary Main Character in Be Thou My Vision a Christian Western

Hair: Black with some graying around the temples, short, straight
Eyes: Brown with green flecks
Height: 5’9”
Complexion: tan,
Features: care-worn, but with plenty of laugh lines
Widowed 3 years ago
Children: Two boys ages 7 and 9
Age: 34

As the Pastor of a small community, Pastor Jenkins has to take care of his flock as well as his two sons. He received support from the church when his wife died three years earlier, but the church quickly lost steam when it came to helping him and he has been completely on his own for about 2 years. Being both mother and father to 2 energetic boys has started to wear him down. Especially with all his extra responsibilities with the church. They are both suffering. He has prayed for over a year that God would provide a solution.

Interview Continue reading