Life is short

Today I learned of the death of a friend. Although I had never met her in person and didn’t know her well, she touched my life. I had the privilege of proofreading three of her books and can heartily recommend them. I believe she is in heaven praising and worshiping God, but it is still sad for all of us that we will no longer see her beautiful smile, have her input, or find out more about the characters in the series she was writing.

Jess StrongJess Strong’s death reminded me that life is short. I already knew that having heard of or known people who have died suddenly who were in their 20s and 30s, but this one really hit home hard. Life is short. We do not know the day or the hour of our death or of Jesus’ return. Are you truly ready to face God’s judgment seat?

If you are, Praise the Lord! Are you telling others about Jesus? If you aren’t and you would like to be ready, it is quite simple.

In Acts, when Paul and Silas were asked “What must I do to be saved?”  Their response was, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.   And they spake unto him the word of the Lord, and to all that were in his house.”

Earlier in Acts, Peter told the crowds he was preaching to: “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

Repentance means turning completely from your sins.  If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died for your sins to give you the free gift of eternal life, and you feel convicted of your sins, you are one step closer to being saved.  At this point, you have two directions you can go.  One, you can ignore God’s conviction and keep living in your sin.  Or two, you can turn to him, confess your sins, repent of your sins and “go, sin no more.”

Now, I do want to clarify one thing before I go on.  This does not mean you will be sinless.  You will still sin, you will still have problems, but you will also have Jesus Christ, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit in you helping you as often as you need the help and ask for it.

All you have to do is lay your heart before Jesus’ feet.  Talk to him and tell Him what you want.