While You’re Awake: a review


WhileYoureAwake - final coverI read this novelette because it was short. I needed something to read, but I didn’t have a lot of time. I had six other books that I needed to read to review, but this one was the first that needed a review, plus it’s the shortest. And I’m glad I did. I love fairy tales. I love fairy tale retellings. And I was very curious how Amber managed to do a Sleeping Beauty retelling in modern times. I wasn’t disappointed.



Tired Girl and Angel Boy (their nicknames for each other) were so real. They both had their own faults and perfections. They both had different fears and each is so tangible I could be afraid right along with them.



The dialogue was alternately breathtaking as Ava hears the first buzz when she steps in the door (okay, so that would be monologue) and hilarious like when Keegan first brings his two dogs to meet Ava and calls them his friends. Read it. It really is more funny than it sounds. And then there are the midnight texts when Ava is afraid and Keegan gets her calmed down enough to sleep. And I won’t spoil it for you, but the ending dialogue is…perfecto.



Tight, but not too tight. Detailed, but not too detailed. Short, but not to the point of being stingy.

Over-all writing quality


I don’t recall a single typo. Which is rare. The writing itself was showing rather than telling. Well done!



I had to put it down once to make lunch. But I really didn’t want to. So I brought my kindle down with me and stirred it while I read.



It’s only $0.99. Forego your coffee for today and buy this novellette and read about the “Angel” at the coffee shop and the writer who drinks the coffee instead. It will take you less than an hour unless you read very slowly or just want to savor it and enjoy it more fully.

Note: I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.