Of goals, flying time, and proof copies

Time sure does fly. It seems like only yesterday that January started and now it’s ending already. . I just realized I never  posted my January goals. Sorry about that. First, I’ll list my January goals and how I did with them and then I’ll share my February goals. Continue reading

Lookee here!!

Week of April 26 011Look at what arrived in the mail on Wednesday! That’s right, it’s the proof copy for Amazing Grace. Unfortunately, there were a few problems. Here’s one of them. Compare these two pictures. One is from my computer and the other is from the book. Continue reading

It’s Here!

On Friday, November 8, 2013, I ordered something very exciting from createspace: the proof copy of my book!  They said that the expected arrival date was November 19th, so I settled in for a long wait.  Waiting, waiting, waiting, and writing.  Continue reading