Book Review: The Ankulen by Kendra Ardnek

Title: The Ankulen
Written By: Kendra Ardnek
Genre: Light Fantasy
Recommended Ages: 13 & up


I got this book on recommendation from the author. I don’t personally like to read fantasy that has magic and Kendra mentioned this one doesn’t have magic. So I thought I would give it a try. Continue reading


Book Review: Rose of the Oath by Hope Ann

Title: Rose of the Oath
Written By: Hope Ann
Genre: Christian Fantasy Romance/Fairy Tale retelling
Recommended Ages: 13 & up


I’ve been wanting to read something by this author for a while and was excited when I got this one for free. I had a bit of time to read, so I decided to do this one. It helps that my favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. I’m glad I read it. Continue reading

Book Review: More than Meets the Eye by Karen Witemeyer

Title: More than Meets the Eye
Written By: Karen Witemeyer
Genre: Christian Western Romance
Recommended Ages: 16 & up


The cover intrigued me a lot! But that’s not why I read the book. I read it because I like Karen Witemeyer’s books and wanted to find out if this one lived up to my expectations. It did and then some. Lately, I’ve had some problems with her books, but this one restored my faith in her abilities.

Characters: 1/1

Evie, Seth, Zach, and Logan. Wow. I loved each of them for different reasons. Seth because like Evie, I have a sister who had asthma and I have a brother named Seth. My sister’s asthma wasn’t as bad as Seth’s thankfully, but I loved how Karen handled this handicap. Zach was gruff and not terribly communicative, but from the moment he started to change, you could feel for him. Evie, well, she’s kind, cheerful, and loves everyone. What’s not to like there? As for Logan, at first it is hard to like him much, but that’s intentional. As you get to know him, though, he grows on you.

Dialogue: 1/1

Witty, sad, laugh-out-loud funny, tears welling up, thought-provoking. Those words describe the dialogue very well. Not once did I get pulled out of the story because of what they were saying.

More than... excerpt

Plot/Storyline: 1/1

Unique. I can’t think of a single book that is similar to this one regarding plot. Sure there are a lot of the same basic formulas as with most romances, but even that is slightly different. Very refreshing since what I’ve always found to be true in romances wasn’t as pronounced in this one. (Being slightly vague to avoid spoilers).

Overall Writing Quality: 1/1

Very good! I didn’t find a typo or a hard to understand sentence in the whole book. I loved it!

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1

Well, let’s see here. Despite a slightly busy schedule this week, I finished the book in less than 6 days. So yes, I did put it down, but most of the time it was only because I absolutely had to.

Conclusion: 5/5

If you are looking for a unique romance story, pick up a copy of this book. I think you’ll like it. Or if you just like reading about orphans overcoming their situation, then this book is for you, too. Go get your copy today!

Book Review: The Hunt for Red October

Title: The Hunt for Red October
Written By: Tom Clancy
Genre: Historical/Military Fiction
Recommended Ages: 21 & up


It is only very rarely that I will read a book like this one. This is the only book I own that has swear words in it. And the main reason I own it is because I can black out the swear words (see picture). I like this book because of the intricacy of the plot within the plot within the plot. It has so many nuances the movie cannot get into unless the movie were at least 6 hours long. However, due to the language and ethical conflicts, I recommend you be at least 18 before reading, if you read it at all. Continue reading

Book Review: You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins


Title: You Are a Writer (so start ACTING like one)
Written By:  Jeff Goins
Genre: Writing Helps/Non-fiction
Recommended Ages: Any


You are a writer. You just need to write.

It’s time to kill the excuses and start writing. Time to become a writer again. Not a marketer or an entrepreneur. Not a blogger or businessperson. A writer. A real one.

Continue reading

Book Review: Pioneer Horizon

Title: Pioneer Horizon
Written By: Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick
Genre: Science Fiction
Recommended Ages: 13 & up


I needed a short read a couple nights ago, so I opened up this one. It’s a sweet, short read that appears to set up a creative commons sci-fi universe. Continue reading

Book Review: Finding Grace

Title: Finding Grace
Written By: Melanie Snitker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Recommended Ages: 15 & up


I have had the privilege of reading every one of the Love’s Compass books and am sad that the series is over. But I’ve enjoyed getting to know both families spotlighted in the series and this book was no different. Continue reading