Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe + Cover Reveal + Giveaway

I know I said I was taking a hiatus from the blog, but when this opportunity came up, I couldn’t resist. Without further ado, here’s some info on a newly released book along with a cover reveal and a giveaway. Be on the lookout in the future for reviews of The Unexpected Bride and Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe.

Released Today!

Sleigh-Bells-Mistletoe2What’s a wife to do when her Christmas plans fall apart?

Join Becky and Isaac from The Unexpected Bride in a romantic short story complete with sleigh bells, mistletoe, and sweet holiday surprises.

It’s Christmas Eve, and smoke isn’t just rising from the chimney—it’s pouring from the stove due to yet another batch of burnt biscuits. Becky wants everything to be perfect for her family, but a ruined meal spells disaster for all her high hopes. Will the night end in despair…or with a happy Christmas dream?

Reconnect with your favorite characters from Book 1 of “The Brides” series and learn more about Jem (the hero of Book 2) in Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe. Includes an excerpt from Book 2, The Bartered Bride. Continue reading

Sale Update, new reviews, and a true story

Sale Update

My recent sale went very well in my opinion. I might not have sold thousands, but I definitely sold much more than I thought I would and outsold the money I spent on promotions. The sale ran 7 days for both of my books, but I only promoted Be Thou My Vision. Naturally, I sold more of those than of  A Mighty Fortress, but I was expecting that.

To me, the most exciting part of this promo was when both of my books were in the top 50 in Christian Westerns. Be Thou My Vision made it to the #6 in Christian Westerns and in Westerns for a day. On December 2nd, I had a promotion on the eReader News Today website and email. The ad cost me $25, but it was well worth it. I sold 113 total books that day, 20 for AMF and 93 for BTMV for a total of over $70.00! I’ve even gotten a few post-sale sales which has been wonderful! Continue reading

Reunion: A short story

This short story was inspired in part by a challenge I gave (and did myself) on the Holy Worlds writing forum. The challenge was to write a short story of less than 1,000 words about love without ever using the word love. It was also inspired, as I mentioned on Thursday, by Rebekah Lyn’s book Jessie, but since anything I say about how her book inspired my story would be giving away some big spoilers, I’ll just say that if you read Rebekah’s book, you’ll understand.

Reunion story cover

My heart pounded and my palms started to sweat at the sight of him. It had been months since we had last seen each other. My first sight of him was from across the room. I was in one corner and he was in another. The room was packed with people and I knew I would never be able to reach him. Continue reading

Yahweh Saves

This story was written from a challenge given by a Holy Worlds member.  The challenge was to write a 1,000+ word short story based off the picture below.  With no further ado, my short story:

Water Elemental

Yahweh Saves

by Faith Blum


This story starts in the middle of a true story that can be found in the book of Exodus. For more background information, please read Exodus 3-13. This story is a re-telling of the parting of the Red Seas as found in Exodus 14. The only differences being that this story is fictionalized and is written from the perspective of an imaginative young boy.

Ehud stared at the cloud ahead of him. The cloud had led the group of former slaves everyday since they had left Egypt. Moses most assuredly knew what he was doing. Yahweh was leading them away from slavery at last! Ehud skipped with a gaiety he had rarely felt before.

“Abba?” he looked up at his father.

“Yes, my son?” Jonas smiled down at the eager young lad.

“When do we reach the promised land?”

“Not for many months, Ehud. You must be patient. These things take time.”

Ehud nodded in agreement even as he sighed his disappointment. He ran along the outer edge of the group of travelers. There were so many! People, cattle, sheep, oxen, camels, donkeys. It was overwhelming to his senses. Especially his sense of smell. He wrinkled up his nose as he passed a pile of animal waste.

Where would he ever find his friend, Uriah? His head swiveled back and forth, searching, searching. Where was he? Ehud heard a shout. He whipped his head around, trying to see where it had come from.

“Ehud!” the shout came again. This time the shout was closer. Ehud’s face lit up in a grin.

“Uriah! I thought I’d never be able to find you.”

“You have to come see this, Ehud,” the taller boy said as he grabbed his friend’s hand. “There is a sea. A big one up there. Moses said the cloud leading us is headed straight for the sea.”

“But if we go to the sea, how are we supposed to cross it?”

Uriah shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. It Does not really matter, anyway.”

Ehud’s worried look changed into a smile. He tilted his head to the left. “True. El-Shaddai brought us this far and He is leading us all the way to the sea. I am sure He will figure out a way to get across the sea.” Continue reading