Fire and Ice: a review

Fire and Ice


After having read the first two books in the series, Tried and True and Now and Forever, when the opportunity came to read and review this one, I wanted to read it. Though Mary Connealy isn’t my favorite author, Bailey and Gage were the two characters I most liked in the other two books, especially with all the hints about Bailey.



Bailey and Gage were everything I hoped they would be. They were real and they both had issues to deal with, including a mystery and a controlling mother.



Everything that was said seemed to fit each character. When Gage goes to Bailey’s cabin after everyone was snowed in for the winter, the whole dialogue there was captivating.



There were a few minor things that bugged me about the plot and storyline. One of the main things is how much Bailey does NOT tell Gage that I think she really should have.

Over-all writing quality


As with most of the books I’ve read by the author, this one seemed to have a little something missing at the end, but it wasn’t as abrupt as others. Although, I think the plot/storyline issue I have could have been resolved by a little less rushing at the end.



It was hard to put down the book. There was always something happening like a rockslide, a dark ride through the woods with wolves, a blizzard that almost kills one of the main characters, and a really odd proposal. Mrs. Connealy definitely knows how to build the suspense.



This is my favorite of the three books in the Wild at Heart series. It was a good read and gave me a new perspective on a few things.

Note: I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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