Character Interview: Caleb Stuart

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Today we start with three characters who are either in or at least mentioned in Be Thou My Vision but are also main characters in Amazing Grace.  Today’s character, Caleb Stuart, is Anna’s sister and will be one of the main characters in Amazing Grace along with his father, Iain, and Maggie and Rachel MacDougall (who you will meet next week).  And now, onto the interview.  As always, if you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.  And be sure to read to the end as there is an excerpt from Be Thou My Vision as a small introduction to Caleb.

Caleb Stuart
Main Character in Amazing Grace
Hair: Brown hair with hints of red, short, straight
Eyes: brown
Height: 6’ 3”
Complexion: tanned, weather beaten, smattering of freckles
Features: average
Age: 32

Caleb has been a farmer all his life. He was 11 when his mother died. He has always been introspective and quiet. It is rare for him to voice an opinion, good or bad, about anything. Though he has never voiced it, he has always dreamed of saving a “damsel in distress”. Even thought he has dreamed of that, he has never really had a desire to marry. He is indifferent to God and isn’t very open to pursuing a relationship with Him in the near future.


Why does he want to rescue a “damsel in distress”?

Good question.

Caleb has always been caring and compassionate. He wants to help in any way he can. As a boy, his mother read him fairy tales and when he played by himself, he pretended to be a prince saving the damsel in distress and riding off into the sunset. As he grew older, his dream has never gone away. It is a way to keep his mother’s memory alive.

What would he do if someone tried to take away his farm?

He would defend his farm to his final breath.

Is he close to his family?

He is closest to his sister, but he also loves his da. His da is just a difficult man to confide in or talk to.

Whose fault does he think his mother’s death was?

He doesn’t think it is anybody’s fault. As he got older and learned more, he realized that women die in childbirth all the time.

Does he ever wish he was more open and said more of his thoughts?

No, he does not. He is a private person who does not like having his thoughts and heart open to others.

Who is his closest friend?

His sister, Anna.

If he had to tell someone about his dreams, who would he trust enough to tell?

Again, his sister Anna. She is person who understands him the most.

Does he ever feel awkward about his height?

Since he doesn’t go around people much, he isn’t. He is comfortable with the way he looks and how tall he is.

Does he ever feel any disconnect between having to work on a farm, and the fairy tales his mother read and his fairy-tale-ish dream? Or does he not feel any conflict in that?

In his mind, they are two separate things, so he does not feel any conflict over it.

How much family does he have?

He has a younger sister, a younger brother, and a father. His parents were both immigrants and have no family around them.


The next Saturday night, after Da was in bed, Caleb spoke to me about church since Monday.  “Are you goin’ back tomorrow?”
“To church?” I asked, stalling for time.
I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, keeping my eyes away from Caleb.  “I haven’t decided yet.”
Caleb was quiet for a few minutes.  I kept my eyes on my mending and assumed that would be the end of the conversation.  Then he said, “I think you should go.”
My head snapped up and I furrowed my eyebrows.  “What?  Why?”
Caleb shrugged.  “Even though you were a bit out of sorts, you seemed to be a little more peaceful.  And all you can talk about is those two boys.  Go back for them if nothin’ else.”
A smile crept its way onto my face.  I turned my eyes back the shirt I was mending.  After stitching up the hole, I said, “Okay.  I’ll go.  You’re sure Da won’t mind?”
Caleb grinned.  “If yer gone before he can object, he can’t do anythin’ about it.”
I chuckled.  “True.  You’re sure you want to deal with him, though?”
Caleb’s grin disappeared and he shrugged again.  “I don’t mind.  He knows he can’t do much to me.”
I nodded.  “I’ll go.”


2 thoughts on “Character Interview: Caleb Stuart

  1. Jack says:

    I like him. I need to get the book so I can get to know him even better.

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