Holiday sales


Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day for family, food, and football in many houses. Our family likes to be a little different. We aren’t having Thanksgiving with extended family. It will be us and two friends. We will have the typical Thanksgiving meal, though. But we will not be watching football.

Here are a few things I am thankful for.

  1. Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for my sins
  2. My salvation
  3. The Bible
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. A roof over my head
  7. Cats
  8. A good, solid, Bible-teaching church to attend
  9. Authors willing to share some of the knowledge with me
  10. Snow

What are you thankful for?

Black Friday

BF & CM Sale

I’ll be honest, I have never gone Black Friday shopping and never desire to. I already have most of my Christmas presents for people and the things I usually buy wouldn’t be on sale anyway. I also do not like crowds and would never be assertive enough. If I’m going to do Black Friday shopping, I stick to the sales online where I can shop from the comfort and safety of my own home.

Speaking of sales, tomorrow, both of my books will be 10% off on paperback. And starting on Cyber Monday, both books will be just $0.99 through December 7th. And I’m not the only one with those sales. Here is a list of some of the authors joining the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale:

Kendra E. Ardnek
The Ankuluen: Cyber Monday
Saffron’s Big Plan and Other StoriesCyber Monday
Do You Take This Quest?: Cyber Monday

Faith Blum
A Mighty Fortress: Black Friday [V4Y5K46D — 10%] and Cyber Monday
Be Thou My Vision: Black Friday [7626YZAK — 10%] and Cyber Monday

Sarah Brown
The Prodigal Pup: Black Friday [SB14CP31 — 25%] and Cyber Monday
Learning Lessons from Furry Friends: Black Friday [SB14CP31 — 25%] and Cyber Monday

Kelsey Bryant
Family Reunion: Black Friday [YFY84GHU — 20%]

Elizabeth Ender
RansomedBlack Friday [GNE6VUXY — 30%]

J.J. Francesco
Blood Chain: Cyber Monday

Julie Gilbert
Nadia’s Tears: Cyber Monday

Leah Good
Counted Worthy: Black Friday [K7CVNEER — 40%] and Cyber Monday

Melody Grubb
The Land of Calais: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Warmth of His Eyes: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Send Me, Lord Jesus: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Rachel Heffington
Anon, Sir, Anon: Black Friday [9MTYHSX3 — 25%] and Cyber Monday

Rebekah Jones
Journeys of Four: Cyber Monday
Grandmother’s Letters: Cyber Monday
A Year with the Potters: Cyber Monday

Jaye L. Knight
ResistanceBlack Friday [Q45HN6G9 — 25%] and Cyber Monday

Tina M. Neely
Diamond Hair Princess: Black Friday

Joel A. Parisi
Shadow Play: Cyber Monday

J. Grace Pennington
Radialloy: Black Friday [Y2XHGYDN — 25%] and Cyber Monday
In His Image: Black Friday [KXNZ7PYN — 25%] and Cyber Monday
Machiavellian: Black Friday [UFXGUYMM — 25%] and Cyber Monday

Jennifer Sauer
Why Rodney Never Should’ve Gone to the NAPIC: Black Friday [F76DDR7S — 45%] and Cyber Monday

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer
Touch My Tears: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Third Side of the Coin: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cara Simmons
The Haven: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Leviathan: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Champion: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Jordan Smith
Finding the Core of Your Story: Black Friday [NL4NJXWS — 30%]

Rachel Starr Thomson
Reap the Whirlwind: Cyber Monday
Lady Moon: Cyber Monday
Angel in the Woods: Cyber Monday

Therese Heckenkamp
Past Suspicion: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Frozen Footprints: Black Friday

Melika Dannese Lux
City of Lights: Black Friday [FNB98MY6 — 35%] and Cyber Monday
Corcitura: Black Friday [GU46WHKT — 55%] and Cyber Monday

T.R. Lykins
Last Heartbeat: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Life Gift: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Melanie D. Snitker
Calming the Storm: Cyber Monday

Have fun shopping!


One thought on “Holiday sales

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Faith!

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