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Did you know Gestern is the German word for Yesterday? I didn’t until I read the excerpt I’ve included in this post. J. Grace Pennington has a new book out entitled, Gestern. I’ve read the others in this series and it sounds like another intriguing one. There are some great giveaways and guest posts going on, so be sure to read all about them.

About the Book

GesternFrontCoverYou never escape your past

Andi Lloyd is more comfortable than most with interstellar travel, but she’s not prepared for the perils and peculiarities of a world she has all but forgotten—the planet Earth. As the Surveyor undergoes repairs, her brother August receives a message with news that will send both of them across the world to a place he never wanted to visit again.

Neither of them are prepared to be thrust into a world of political intrigue amid the tangled forests and crumbling ruins of Austria.  They aren’t prepared to encounter wild animals and endure cross-country hikes.  And they definitely aren’t prepared to face it all alone.

But despite the dangers they must press on into the unknown to find a way to save Andi’s life, to decide the fate of Earth itself—and to rescue a lonely girl who just happens to be their little sister.

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About the Author

Author photoGrace Pennington has been telling stories since she could talk and writing them down since age five. Now she lives in the great state of Texas, where she writes as much as adult life permits. When she’s not writing she enjoys reading good books, having adventures with her husband, and looking up at the stars.


Title: Firmament: Gestern
Written By: J. Grace Pennington
Genre: Christian Science Fiction
Recommended Ages: 13 & up


I have read all of the books in the Firmament series and loved each one. In Radialloy, I fell in love with Andi. In In His Image, I fell in love with her unique spin on aliens in space. Then came Reversal Zone which, as the title suggests, reverses many things. I’m not sure exactly what I fell in love with in that book, but the uniqueness of the plot really drew me in.

Next comes this book, Gestern. There are so many twists and turns, you could almost get whiplash. But it’s a good kind of whiplash. The kind that leaves you begging the author to hurry up with the next book. Not that I did that…

Characters: 1/1

Grace has always done a great job developing her characters. This book is no different. Andi’s struggles to forgive, August learning to be confident and push himself, Crash’s desire to change. It all came through vividly to combine into an excellent story.

Dialogue: 1/1

The wit, pain, struggle, and everything else made for some great dialogue.

Plot/storyline: 1/1

As I mentioned early, the plot and storyline kept me on my toes the whole book through. I never knew quite where the story was going to head next.

Overall writing quality: 1/1

Tres bon. Or should I try to find the German words for very good? Sehr gut. There were a few editing issues that I found, but since I had an Advanced Reader Copy, I’m going under the assumption that it still had one more edit to do before publication.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1

Let’s just say I have enough experience with the Firmament series to know better than to start reading it before bed assuming I’ll be able to stop and put it down sometime. So I started reading it one morning, had to put it down for a while (but didn’t want to) and finished it later that day. Make sure you set aside enough time to start and finish the book.

Conclusion: 5/5

Even if you don’t particularly care for science fiction (like me), you might still enjoy this book. Especially since most of it didn’t have much of a sci-fi feel. They were on a space ship for a little while at the beginning, but then most of the book was on Earth with more of an adventurous type of storyline. I highly recommend this book. It’s clean, full of surprises, Christian, but not preachy, and very well written.



Grace Pennington is offering three great giveaways! One is the CD she listened to while she wrote Gestern. The other two are a signed paperback of the winner’s choice. You can enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: Gestern

  1. I think I like the first Star Trek TV series the most, but I really haven’t seen much of the second. My parents grew up watching the first series, so it’s fun to watch episodes that they remember! 🙂
    And that is really interesting about what “Gestern” means! I had no idea, but I certainly wondered. I look forward to reading the Firmament series someday.

  2. Grace M. says:

    From its score, this book seems like a winner!

  3. […] the best! If you’d like to know more about the books, I have reviews of books three, four, and five on my […]

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